The real reasons for Dembélé’s injuries

first_imgThe high price they paid could be one of the first triggers for stress, which should be taken into account a blow during one of his last training with Borussia Dortmund. Not speaking clearly about the incident that caused him to force his departure has been able to weigh him in the long run. In any case, the truth is that in the German club he was never injured, although Thomas Tuchel I was on top of him all day. LaLiga Santander* Data updated as of March 3, 2020 03/14/2019Tearing of the biceps femoris of the left thigh (26 days). 01/15/2018Semitendinous muscle injury of the left thigh (26 days). In Barcelona he lives with Moustapha Diatta (his best friend) and his uncle. From Borussia Dortmund they say that they have “fantasized” about his lifestyle, although in his first year in Barcelona he was not the most suitable. Now, so you are not so alone, Moussa Sissoko (your representative residing in London), has stayed very often in Barcelona, ​​giving greater attention to the player.Injuries and days off of Dembélé in Barcelona 05/05/2019Tendon rupture in the right thigh (42 days). Ousmane Dembélé saw his season end at the beginning of February with a new injury. The Barcelona he will not be able to count on him in six months and his aspirations to participate in the 2020 Euro Cup with France They have vanished. The extreme has been constantly in the spotlight of fans for their ease of injury, always blamed on their lifestyle (junk food, sleep, etc). But the truth is that, just as the player had no problems in recognizing that his habits were not the most appropriate, during this campaign he has been trying to correct them. Moreover, what attracts attention in the Barcelona is that until he was signed for 145 million, the player had never been injured. L’Equipe He explained in detail what it was like and what Dembélé’s life is like and what motives have led him to go through such an ordeal with injuries. 09/27/2019Discomfort in the left thigh (3 days). 08/19/2019Tendon rupture in the left thigh (34 days).center_img 09/17/2017Biceps femoris fracture of the left thigh (106 days off). 02/04/2020Rupture of the tendon of the biceps femoris of the right thigh. 01/21/2019Sprained left ankle (18 days). 11/28/2019Injury to the biceps femoris of the right thigh (68 days). eleven Anthony Audebaud, his full-time chef hired for this campaign, guarantees that Dembélé has already put aside junk food and now has a comprehensive control of his diet: “There is no longer any pre-cooked products or soft drinks, there are only fresh and healthy products. Ousmane is good at playing football and he thought that just that was enough, but he is growing and learning. Today, eat sea bream, sea bass, rooster and many vegetables. It is difficult to see all this work and bad luck with injuries, because they have never looked after him so much. He is a very homely and calm boy, there are never parties at home. I imposed meal times because he asked for it and now everything is written. It’s very professional. “ In this way, Dembélé has changed Coca-Cola for fruit juices, but has also improved his sleep hours (Needless to mention the anecdote of his nap on the airport couch). However, going to bed late (not partying) is a practice that all young players usually do: “All the Z generation players go to bed late. They are not people of tomorrow. Twelve or one o’clock in the morning is early for them and not only happens to Ousmane. If we say that about him, we can also quote Benjamin Mendy, Lucas Hernández, Kylian Mbappé … We cannot ask Dembélé and Lloris to behave in the same way because they do not have the same lifestyle. We are aware of this, only that your muscles have not endured. “The problem is that neither in Rennes nor in Borussia Dortmund had he ever been injured. He played 100% of the possible matches (29 of 29) with the French club and 96% of the possible matches with the German (47 of 49), but none of those two encounters missed them for being injured. In Barcelona, ​​however, he has played 40% of the meetings in his first course (23 of 28, of which 27 due to injuries), 70% in the second (42 of 60, of which 14 for injuries) and in the third 25% of the possible matches (9 of 36 of which, 24 due to injury). At the Aspetar clinic in Doha, where the player has been treated, they asked for the player’s GPS data. Here they found an important fact, and that is that in training, 20% of the time involved in the plays was done to the sprint, while in the games that figure amounted to 90%, which suggests that the requirement in the parties sometimes exceeds him. In that sense, they explain that Dembélé’s explosive profile clashes with the training style of the Barça club regardless of whether he sits on the bench Ernesto Valverde or Quique Setién, which means that if your level of demand arrives when a match approaches, you are more exposed to possible injuries. The French newspaper also collects the words of Michel Troin, assistant of Philippe Montanier in the Monaco, which explains that “there was a rush to make him play”: “There are cultures of clubs that do not match the needs of the players they recruit.” They expose the case of Jong Frenkie, which went the other way. In the Ajax He didn’t have to run that much and since his first week he had to hire a personal trainer to support the workload.On the other hand, they also ensure that although not publicly, a member of the Barça club acknowledged that the responsibility in that chain of injuries was of the Catalan team but that they were not ready to assume it publicly. Even a club executive would have contacted his counterpart in Dortmund to try to understand the reasons for those in Germany I had no muscle problems and in Barcelona I did.The text of the French newspaper ends with more statements by Michel Torin (worked with him at Rennes), in which he blames Barcelona for his current state of health: “Ousmane is not responsible for his situation. He is the victim of an early talent. In Rennes we had enormous pressure on training and matches, only we didn’t kill him. If you see the photos, his bone development was not over, he had to grow. There was a rush to make him play because it is a phenomenon and he is paying for it. It is clear that he played too much. “ Next season, Ousmane Dembélé will have another opportunity to be that explosive extreme for which Barça paid 145 million euros.last_img read more

City officials emphasize that no decision has been

first_imgCity officials emphasize that no decision has been made yet in the site selection process, but the location next to the Mirabella Pool remains a potential location. Alistair Lucks, City of Boston Project Manager for the Study at Public Facilities, provided the following update in response to the recently raised concerns.“We are still considering this site, adjacent to the Mirabella Pool, as a potential site. We are certainly mindful of all of the issues raised, as we work with various City agencies to vet all of the potential sites before presenting them to the Community Advisory Committee for feedback.  We definitely plan to meet with the CAC and gather feedback from the community before making any final decisions.  We hope to hold the next CAC meeting in the early fall for this express purpose.”At previous meetings, the proposed plans for a new community center introduce designated spaces for key constituents, including the general public, seniors/adults, teens, children, and also for popular activities, such as music, sports, cardio, weightlifting, and studio fitness (ie. dance, yoga). The Mayor’s FY19 budget includes $3 million for the design of a new North End Community Center.Renovation of the existing Nazzaro Center on North Bennet Street remains an option, but officials note the current building is over capacity and too small for the community’s expanded needs, even including the outdoor lot/basketball court. It was also designed as a bathhouse, not a community center so the existing structure would likely have to be torn down. There is not much public land ready for development in the Boston’s North End. Besides the pool site, there are a a few remaining parking lots, on Cross Street and on Commercial Street including the BRA-owned Sargent’s Wharf. A new center is expected to be significantly larger, more accessible and include amenities such as an indoor swimming pool.The City could also look to sell the existing Nazzaro Center property to a condo developer and use those proceeds for a new building in the neighborhood.A community meeting in the early Fall is expected to be scheduled. Stay tuned to the Community Calendar for upcoming meetings.While you’re here …we have a small favor to ask. More people than ever are reading but we need your help making ends meet. Advertising doesn’t bring in enough to pay for reporting or editorial work. Keeping this website going takes a lot of time, money and hard work. But we do it because we believe community news is important – and we think you do too. If everyone who reads this site, who likes it, puts in a bit to pay for it, then our future would be much more secure. Checks can be made out to North End Boston LLC, 343 Commercial St. #508, Boston 02109 or contribute online using the following links:*Make a One-Time Contribution* or *Become a Patron* A mass mailing was sent to thousands of North End / Waterfront residents this week opposing a new community center at the site next to the Mirabella Pool. The City has yet to decide on a site, although the Commercial Street location remains under consideration, according to city officials. A potential new building would be built where the spray pool is located on Commercial Street and include the area where there is currently a bathhouse.The North End Community Advisory Committee last met in December 2017 to discuss results from a study on the needs, layout options and expectations for a new building. [See North End Community Center Study Shares Program Recommendations for New Building.]The property owners that sent out the postcard told they want to raise community awareness about the site selection process and are asking the City to remove the Commercial Street location from consideration. They are in the early stages of asking residents to respond via their email address. So far, they count 30 residents and property owners that are against the Commercial Street site for a new community center.The opposition postcard says “Save the North End Waterfront” and lists concerns such as flooding, park shadows, waterfront view restrictions and highlight that the peripheral location is inconvenient and potentially unsafe for seniors and children. [Note: We have confirmed the mailing is not associated with the previous group using the same “Save the North End Waterfront” moniker who were fighting a proposed hotel development at Lewis Wharf.]*Advertisement*last_img read more