Barça’s costumes: “Out of 100 games like that, we won 99”

first_imgDifficult to explain what happened in the second semifinal of the Spanish Super Cup between Barcelona and Atlético de Madrid. In fact, neither Blaugrana players are able to find solid arguments to reason for this elimination after having played one of the best games of the season. “Of a hundred games playing like this, we won ninety-nine insurance,” was the mantra that was heard in the Blaugrana expedition that departed this Friday to Barcelona.Although the faces were serious and cariacontecidos, there was no feeling of grief or anger that was experienced in the dressing room after the elimination against Rome and Liverpool in the Champions League the last two seasons. Here was more the image of an upset and bewildered team, convinced that things had been done very well for many minutes, but that he had inexplicably stolen his wallet in the last minutes.“Since I played against Atlético I had not had the feeling of such superiority”, confessed a heavyweight, aware that Barcelona had been a soccer steamroller for three quarters of the game. However, this manifest superiority did not end up reflected in the scoreboard, since Barcelona had the highest income of a goal of advantage, 2-1. In the locker room he was surprised, and much, that some voices called for the removal of Ernesto Valverde, especially since some consider that against Atlético the best game of the Valverde era was played. Hence, two of the heavyweights of the costumes came out quickly, Leo Messi and Luis Suarez, to give a capote to the coach and express his absolute support to the coach of Extremadura, thus stopping any speculation.By the way, Valverde plans to see the game again this weekend and summarize some of the plays to analyze it with the squad next week. It’s all about analyzing what happened in the last fifteen minutes when the team fell apart after having given a review from end to end the opponent.Thus, a painful defeat, but that will not leave sequels in the mood of the workforce, since it is perceived more as a punctual accident than anything else. In any case, Valverde gave his players three holidays -will not return until Monday- to disconnect the weekend with their families. A restful break to start the week with strength, thinking of LaLiga, where Barcelona is a leader tied with Real Madrid, and the Copa del Rey, which Barcelona is re-engaged in the competition in mid-January.last_img read more

Setién recovers Vidal but loses Piqué

first_imgSetien now has 14 first team players available to prepare for the Cup game – he could not count on the morning training or with Luis Suárez, Ousmane Dembélé, Neto and Gerard Piqué – so he has called eight players from the branch to complete the session: goalkeeper Peña, defenders Morer, Araújo and Monchu, midfielder Riqui Puig and strikers Collado, Fati and Saverio. Face and cross for Quique Setién in this morning’s morning session. The Cantabrian coach was able to recover Arturo Vidal in time for the Copa match against Athletic after overcoming a strong concussion that left him almost a week off the pitch. The midfielder exercised with total normality, a relief no doubt for Setién, especially for the limited number of players he has from the first team. But, on the contrary, he could not count on Gerard Piqué: the central stayed in the gym doing specific work.Evidently, the absence in the training of the Catalan center is a real setback for coach Blaugrana, especially thinking that another of the centrals, Samuel Umtiti, has a pending trial for the same day of the game, so it could not accompany the Blaugran expedition that leaves tomorrow morning to Bilbao but would have to leave on its own after testifying at the trial. A trial, by the way, where he is claimed more than 180,000 euros for alleged vandalism having left his previous home in a very defective state.last_img read more

Kenti Robles: “My cousin stole my wrists; I gave him the ball”

first_imgIt shouldn’t have been easy to start playing soccer in Mexico, more than 20 years ago …I started thanks to my cousin in Mexico. I stole his ball and he wrists me. It all started there, in the street and also at school. I already felt the same passion as every time I dress short and jump into the field. Then he has always come with me when we have had to move from town due to my father’s work.Was it common for girls to play football in their country?When I started it was other times. That’s why it cost. My mother has been modernizing, for example. He has realized that what I do, I do well. She sees that I am currently a reference for many people. Now she is the most proud of her practicing this sport.From those streets from Mexico to Barcelona. How did that change of continent influence?My father is Catalan and we moved. That marked my football career. My bet for women’s football was already born. Particularly in Barcelona. I have played in the two great teams there.First Espanyol, then Barcelona and now Atleti. With what does each one stay? Of all the clubs I’ve been through, I keep the good things. Of people, of experiences … I can say many moments. Perhaps the most important I lived in Barcelona, ​​the day I scored that goal in San Mamés, at the last minute and gave the league to the team. In Espanyol I grew up and I have a lot of people that I want. In Atlético I have learned the ‘Never stop believing’. That motto, from the first day I stepped on the club until now, we carry it by flag.Now that you talk about Atleti, how is the team?We are a club that has been growing, which has had good years and bad years. We only know what it is to work, and it is what we will continue to do.After so many years at the highest level of football, what remains to be achieved?I need to achieve something with the Mexican team. I have always said it, for me it is a privilege to wear those colors. Whenever I have gone there I have given everything.Only a few days ago history was made with the signing of the Collective Agreement …The competition has taken a great leap in recent years. The signing of the agreement is a great step for women’s football. I hope it will be signed soon in other countries and in mine.She has just been named the best Latin American Player by the EFE agency. What comes to mind?Now I remember all the work and all the sacrifice I had to spend to get here. It is very rewarding.last_img read more

The real reasons for Dembélé’s injuries

first_imgThe high price they paid could be one of the first triggers for stress, which should be taken into account a blow during one of his last training with Borussia Dortmund. Not speaking clearly about the incident that caused him to force his departure has been able to weigh him in the long run. In any case, the truth is that in the German club he was never injured, although Thomas Tuchel I was on top of him all day. LaLiga Santander* Data updated as of March 3, 2020 03/14/2019Tearing of the biceps femoris of the left thigh (26 days). 01/15/2018Semitendinous muscle injury of the left thigh (26 days). In Barcelona he lives with Moustapha Diatta (his best friend) and his uncle. From Borussia Dortmund they say that they have “fantasized” about his lifestyle, although in his first year in Barcelona he was not the most suitable. Now, so you are not so alone, Moussa Sissoko (your representative residing in London), has stayed very often in Barcelona, ​​giving greater attention to the player.Injuries and days off of Dembélé in Barcelona 05/05/2019Tendon rupture in the right thigh (42 days). Ousmane Dembélé saw his season end at the beginning of February with a new injury. The Barcelona he will not be able to count on him in six months and his aspirations to participate in the 2020 Euro Cup with France They have vanished. The extreme has been constantly in the spotlight of fans for their ease of injury, always blamed on their lifestyle (junk food, sleep, etc). But the truth is that, just as the player had no problems in recognizing that his habits were not the most appropriate, during this campaign he has been trying to correct them. Moreover, what attracts attention in the Barcelona is that until he was signed for 145 million, the player had never been injured. L’Equipe He explained in detail what it was like and what Dembélé’s life is like and what motives have led him to go through such an ordeal with injuries. 09/27/2019Discomfort in the left thigh (3 days). 08/19/2019Tendon rupture in the left thigh (34 days).center_img 09/17/2017Biceps femoris fracture of the left thigh (106 days off). 02/04/2020Rupture of the tendon of the biceps femoris of the right thigh. 01/21/2019Sprained left ankle (18 days). 11/28/2019Injury to the biceps femoris of the right thigh (68 days). eleven Anthony Audebaud, his full-time chef hired for this campaign, guarantees that Dembélé has already put aside junk food and now has a comprehensive control of his diet: “There is no longer any pre-cooked products or soft drinks, there are only fresh and healthy products. Ousmane is good at playing football and he thought that just that was enough, but he is growing and learning. Today, eat sea bream, sea bass, rooster and many vegetables. It is difficult to see all this work and bad luck with injuries, because they have never looked after him so much. He is a very homely and calm boy, there are never parties at home. I imposed meal times because he asked for it and now everything is written. It’s very professional. “ In this way, Dembélé has changed Coca-Cola for fruit juices, but has also improved his sleep hours (Needless to mention the anecdote of his nap on the airport couch). However, going to bed late (not partying) is a practice that all young players usually do: “All the Z generation players go to bed late. They are not people of tomorrow. Twelve or one o’clock in the morning is early for them and not only happens to Ousmane. If we say that about him, we can also quote Benjamin Mendy, Lucas Hernández, Kylian Mbappé … We cannot ask Dembélé and Lloris to behave in the same way because they do not have the same lifestyle. We are aware of this, only that your muscles have not endured. “The problem is that neither in Rennes nor in Borussia Dortmund had he ever been injured. He played 100% of the possible matches (29 of 29) with the French club and 96% of the possible matches with the German (47 of 49), but none of those two encounters missed them for being injured. In Barcelona, ​​however, he has played 40% of the meetings in his first course (23 of 28, of which 27 due to injuries), 70% in the second (42 of 60, of which 14 for injuries) and in the third 25% of the possible matches (9 of 36 of which, 24 due to injury). At the Aspetar clinic in Doha, where the player has been treated, they asked for the player’s GPS data. Here they found an important fact, and that is that in training, 20% of the time involved in the plays was done to the sprint, while in the games that figure amounted to 90%, which suggests that the requirement in the parties sometimes exceeds him. In that sense, they explain that Dembélé’s explosive profile clashes with the training style of the Barça club regardless of whether he sits on the bench Ernesto Valverde or Quique Setién, which means that if your level of demand arrives when a match approaches, you are more exposed to possible injuries. The French newspaper also collects the words of Michel Troin, assistant of Philippe Montanier in the Monaco, which explains that “there was a rush to make him play”: “There are cultures of clubs that do not match the needs of the players they recruit.” They expose the case of Jong Frenkie, which went the other way. In the Ajax He didn’t have to run that much and since his first week he had to hire a personal trainer to support the workload.On the other hand, they also ensure that although not publicly, a member of the Barça club acknowledged that the responsibility in that chain of injuries was of the Catalan team but that they were not ready to assume it publicly. Even a club executive would have contacted his counterpart in Dortmund to try to understand the reasons for those in Germany I had no muscle problems and in Barcelona I did.The text of the French newspaper ends with more statements by Michel Torin (worked with him at Rennes), in which he blames Barcelona for his current state of health: “Ousmane is not responsible for his situation. He is the victim of an early talent. In Rennes we had enormous pressure on training and matches, only we didn’t kill him. If you see the photos, his bone development was not over, he had to grow. There was a rush to make him play because it is a phenomenon and he is paying for it. It is clear that he played too much. “ Next season, Ousmane Dembélé will have another opportunity to be that explosive extreme for which Barça paid 145 million euros.last_img read more

Barça expects a reduction of Inter in Lautaro’s price

first_imgDuring the first fifteen days of July, the cancellation clause of Lautaro Martínez, striker of Inter Milan that Barcelona is seeking, is set at 111 million euros. As of today, this operation is the one marked as priority by the club’s technical secretariat Blaugrana who sees in Argentina the ideal replacement for Suarez. A money that Barça hopes can be reduced.The fundamental problem that arises in this situation is clearly the economic one because although his hiring is a cheaper operation than the one that could affect Neymar (which would be around 180 million) the financial moment of the club is not that it is especially good, much less after the crisis that is expected due to the Coronavirus that will force to reformulate the entity’s accounts. According to Barça technicians, this is a crisis that will affect The world of soccer, which until now lived in an inflation bubble that “obligatorily”, according to club sources, must be lowered.Therefore, in the Blaugrana club they trust that the price of those 111 million can be lowered although the club has already been studying formulas for lighten the cost of this hypothetical operation by trying to include players as would be the case of Arturo Vidal in it.Barça have been intensively following Lautaro Martínez in person for some time, both in the games he plays with Inter and in those he plays with the Argentine team. Now the problem is how to pay for the operation waiting for a discount.last_img read more

Barça 2019-2020, chronology of a fire by chapters

first_img3. November 28, 2019. The Barça players decide not to attend the presentation of the documentary Matchday. There are those who or interpret it as a way to show their disagreement with its broadcast; others as a staging of their distance from the directive. Although the main reason is that they still had not received a fee for allowing their image to be used in their private lives. No player, and neither did Valverde, went through the red carpet at the Liceu.4. January 11, 2020. The Valverde recall show explodes. Barça loses against Atlético in the Spanish Super Cup. Eric Abidal and Òscar Grau go to Qatar and try to convince Xavi, who gives them pumpkins. Koeman also says no from Holland and Bartomeu thinks of Pochettino, who does not dislike Messi. In the end, Barça hires Setién before dismissing Valverde, whose settlement becomes another scene outside the Sofía hotel.5. February 4, 2020. Abidal gives an interview to Sport in which he drops that the players were not happy with Valverde and that they trained little. Messi releases a statement through Instagram in which he crushes the French, asks him to assume his responsibilities and to give names. Bartomeu is forced to return from Brussels to solve the crisis and travel to Bilbao, where the team is eliminated in the Copa del Rey.6. February 17, 2020. SER reveals that Barça hired the services of a company, I3 Ventures, which created Facebook accounts from which the image of former Barça managers, future candidates, former footballers like Xavi and even top-notch players like Piqué and Messi. “It is very rare,” the Argentine said in an interview with Mundo Deportivo.7. March 30, 2020. After pressing through the captains of other sections, Barça reached an agreement with the players of the first squad to lower their salaries by 72% only while the state of alarm lasts. Messi hits the managers hard: “We are surprised that from within the club they tried to put us under the magnifying glass and tried to add pressure to us.”8. April 6, 2020. Bartomeu bills the managers he considers unfair and telematically requests Emili Rousaud and Enrique Tomas to resign. Rousaud storms out accusing him of having knowledge of the I3 Ventures scandal, accusing him of being a presidentialist and running the club without attending to the statutes. And ask for elections. The fire continues. Imaginary knives fly through the locker rooms and Can Barça offices. The last stretch of the presidency of Josep Maria Bartomeu, who in 2021 will finish his mandate except for surprise, is guessed volcanic. The conflict between the noble floor and the players, the interested leaks, the malpractice and, finally, the row in the boardroom, are imaginatively bleeding blood to a club that has gone from trouble to trouble since the season started., when nobody knew if the trips to Paris to sign Neymar were real or cosmetic. Neither Messi, captain and compass of Barça, fully believed it. Since that September 12 in which the Argentine admitted not knowing if Barça had done everything possible to sign his Brazilian friend and until this latest institutional fire that will end Emili Rousaud and Enrique Tombas, two vice presidents, outside of Barça, the club has skipped from conflict to conflict. Barça are moving towards a ‘perfect explosion’ except for an unexpected change of helm. The end of the team cycle, the end of the Bartomeu cycle and the end of an economic bubble due to the new economic context. Broadly speaking, these have been the main fires of the year.1. September 12, 2019. “I would have loved for Neymar to come. I honestly do not know if Barça did everything possible for his return but it is true that negotiating with PSG is not easy.” Messi ended like this with the soap opera Neymar. After trying throughout the month of August to sign him, Bartomeu was unable to close it. For many, it was all a staging, because the Barça club knew that PSG did not want to sell and, furthermore, there was no real will to bring the Brazilian.2. September 29, 2019. Following Messi’s interview and player complaints about the lengthy preseason trips (tour of Japan and mini-tour of the United States), the articles followed, aerating the excessive power of the dressing room. It didn’t take long for Piqué to go out and pinch the managers: “We know the club, we know the newspapers that are related to the club, we know the articles that come out and many times we know who writes them even if someone else signs them. If we continue like this, we will hurt ourselves “last_img read more

Drag racing getting better at Vernamfield

first_imgIt was as if all the drivers saved the best for last.A total of 148 turned up to entertain a bumper crowd with blistering action, superb execution and blinding speed at the final drag racing meet for 2015 at Vernamfield on Sunday.Executive member of the National Drag Racing Circuit (NDRC) Stephen Gunter says the turnout of drivers was testament to the level of confidence they are now showing in the drag racing product. He notes that there has been big year-on-year growth.”In 2014, we were seeing average fields of 122 for that series. This year, we saw average fields of 148, which happens to be the number that participated in the final challenge for the year,” Gunter said.He also pointed to the increased number of foreign entries. In 2014, there was a lone Caymanian representative in Michael Williams driving a Mitsubishi Evolution, who managed to win the Pro Racer 9 Second Challenge. This year, there were all of four representatives from Cayman piloting serious machines and laying down good times.Highlights of meet five included the record run of Xavia Murray – in his Honda Civic – who broke the NDRC Front Wheel Drive record three times. The new record is 10.048 seconds.The record run of Orville Williams in his Nissan Pulsar also excited the crowd. He set a new NDRC Four Wheel Drive record of 8.944 seconds down the quarter-mile track.Caymanian Jody Jervis was not to be outdone. He piloted his Nissan Skyline to set new NDRC Rear Wheel Drive 4, 6 and Rotary records twice. The new record is 8.903 seconds.Gunter says the larger fields also contain better prepped cars, as evidenced by the faster times and a resulting greater level of competition.”There is no denying that the drivers are better prepared; the times that they are recording are phenomenal,” Gunter said.Plans are already in place for the 2016 Drag Challenge. Gunter would not be drawn on the sponsorship line-up since ‘things are at a delicate stage”, he said. The NDRC executive was not shy in saying, however, that 2016 will be bigger and better.neville.graham@gleanerjm.comlast_img read more

Russell, Smith fire Islamabad to PSL title

first_imgDUBAI, United Arab Emirates (CMC): Andre Russell’s three-wicket haul and Dwayne Smith’s hostile half century fired Islamabad United to a six-wicket victory over Quetta Gladiators in the finals of the inaugural Pakistan Super League here yesterday. Smith struck 73 off 51 balls – 52 of which came from boundaries, to anchor an impressive run chase at Dubai International Cricket Stadium. “It was a good pitch, and I said to myself, just go there and back yourself,” said Smith, who was named the Man of the Match. “It’s a very good group, and I feel at home with everyone, and from the time I came here, I saw that, and I knew this team was going to win the tournament.” Smith’s fireworks came after his West Indies compatriot Russell led a bowling attack that restricted Gladiators to 174 for seven in 20 overs, following half centuries from Ahmed Shehzad and Kumar Sangakkara. Shehzad, who hit nine sixes, top-scored with 64 before he was caught by Samuel Badree from a Mohammad Sami delivery, while Russell removed Sangakkara for 55, which included seven sixes. Russell, the main wicket-taker for the champions, grabbed three wickets for 36 runs, while Samuel Badree picked one for 38. “Winning has been following me; I’ve won three in a row now – Big Bash, BPL, and now, PSL,” said Russell. “Once you’re enjoying the game, success is going to follow you. The only problem that I had, or a few others might have had, is the back-to-back games we had, but we are athletes.” – CMClast_img read more

Nyquist to miss Belmont Stakes

first_imgNEW YORK (AP):So much for a rematch in the Belmont Stakes.Kentucky Derby winner Nyquist won’t run in the final leg of the Triple Crown after developing a fever and having an elevated white blood cell count, trainer Doug O’Neill said Tuesday.”He’s out because of sickness,” O’Neill said.Any thoughts of a second straight Triple Crown were wiped in the Preakness last Saturday when Exaggerator finally defeated Nyquist after four previous losses.A rematch in the Belmont on June 11 would have been the next best thing to a Triple Crown attempt. Last year, American Pharaoh became the first horse in 37 years to sweep the Derby, Preakness and Belmont.”He’s fine, but he’s got an elevated white blood cell count,” O’Neill’s assistant Jack Sisterson said from Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore, where Nyquist is recovering. “We just want to do right by him and get him 100 percent.”Nyquist came into the Preakness unbeaten in eight races, including a 1 1/4 length win over Exaggerator in the Derby. Exaggerator turned the tables in the Preakness, winning by 3 1/2 lengths over a sloppy track, with Nyquist finishing third.Now, Exaggerator will take on a bunch of rivals he’s already finished ahead of in the Derby and Preakness, including Preakness runner-up Cherry Wine and Lani, fifth in the Preakness and ninth in the Derby.”We’re sorry that Nyquist cannot compete at the 2016 Belmont Stakes and hope for a speedy recovery and return to the racetrack,” said New York Racing Association president Chris Kay in a statement.last_img read more

MoBay’s Williams targets title, scoring record

first_img “When you have your captain, teammates, coaches and everyone believe in you, it motivates you every day to do the job. We have Allan Ottey, (Fabian) McCarthy, Ronaldo Rodney, Cory Hylton and Otis Friend and if everyone starts clicking then that will take some pressure off my back,” he analysed. Williams is confident the title will be MoBay United’s again and he is also looking to take Nelson’s record. “We are going to defend our title,” he stated confidently. “And this season, I am eyeing Roen Nelson’s 30 goals for a season. I hope I get a good start and maintain. “If I can play almost every game, I can reach my target. If I get 10 goals for the first round that would be a good total. Anything under 10 I will not be satisfied, but anything over will be a bonus,” he said. EVERYONE CLICKING The 2015/2016 football season was not as good as it could have been for Montego Bay United striker, Dino Williams. The 26-year-old started the Red Stripe Premier League with a bang, netting 14 goals in 19 games to lead the League. However, he departed for trial with Indy Eleven in the North American Soccer League (NASL). But injury denied him a contract. On his return to domestic football, the injury limited his contribution, though he still scored the winning goal in the Premier League final. Over the off-season, the prolific striker’s body recuperated fully and for the first time in years he is starting a season injury free and warns that this could be his most devastating yet. One of his key ambitions is to take Roen Nelson’s 30-goal-a-season record. “Over the years, I always have some nagging injury, so to start the league injury-free is a plus for me and my team,” said Williams. “This season, I plan to work hard and do the right things. Once I have fitness, I will be on my ‘A’ game and I know every game I can get one or two goals. “This season, you are going to see a different Dino Williams, a more aggressive Dino Williams, with more off the ball movements. “You are going to see a more explosive Dino Williams, creating a lot of damage, leading MoBay United and playing his best football,” he warned. For five successive seasons, MoBay failed to start their season with a win and the omen continued on the opening day with a 2-1 loss to newcomers Maverley-Hughenden at Wespow Park. However, they rebounded with a 1-0 victory over Tivoli Gardens at Edward Seaga Sports Complex on Sunday, with Williams responsible for the all-important goal, netting at the 25th minute. Williams is convinced opposing defenders will find it hard to stop him and his teammates.last_img read more