It All Starts With Engaging Girls

first_imgDid you know that women hold only 24 percent of ICT jobs worldwide, and make up only 32 percent of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) graduates at universities? The technology gender gap stunts women’s earning opportunities, industry’s productivity and creativity, and society’s overall well-being.(Left to right) Dell Chief Responsibility Officer Trisa Thompson, Girls Who Code Founder and CEO Reshma Saujani, and STEM advocate, author and student Quinn Langford.Last month, Dell’s Employee Resource Group for Young Professionals, GenNext, hosted a dialogue with Dell Youth Learning partner, Girls Who Code, to discuss challenges within STEM education, the power of mentorship and how we can engage more girls and underserved in technology education.“The future belongs to those who can build digital technologies…Share“The future belongs to those who can build digital technologies — and those who can use them to solve problems,” said Marius Haas, president and chief commercial officer of Dell EMC.Powerful words spoken by Marius Haas as he welcomed over 60 attendees in the Dell Experience Lounge in Round Rock, Texas. At Dell, we spend our days thinking about the future of technology and how digital transformation is radically transforming every aspect of the global economy. However, to fully realize this future, we also need to ensure the next generation is prepared and engaged with technology and STEM fields from an early age.Myth: girls are not good at mathImage: Girls Who CodeIn fact, K-12 female students’ achievements in math and science are on par with those of their male peers. But girls’ interest and participation in STEM education—especially computer science and engineering—ebbs over time, with the biggest decline happening between the ages of 13 and 17. According to Girls Who Code, 66 percent of 6- to 12-year-old girls are enrolled or interested in computing programs, but interest levels drop to 32 percent among 13- to 17-year-olds.The pipeline of female STEM talent continues to “leak” over time, shrinking between high school and college, college and the workforce, and between all levels of the corporate ladder. Only 1 in 7 women with a STEM degree actually works in that area.“Efforts of Employee Resource Groups like GenNext are so critical to ensure we inspire the potential of the next generation to develop and advance their careers at Dell,” said Haas, highlighting one of multiple efforts Dell does in this regards. He invited Dell’s Chief Responsibility Officer, Trisa Thompson, to the stage who led a panel discussion with Girls Who Code founder and CEO, Reshma Saujani, and 15-year old STEM advocate, author and student, Quinn Langford. The three discussed the issues facing girls in STEM, how Dell empowers girls, and ways Dell team members can participate in their advancement.Where are the girls?All of us working in the technology industry have the power to encourage one child to engage in STEM. “Mentorship is so important,” highlighted Thompson as she opens the panel. “Just one conversation can have a lasting impact and set them on the course to change the world.”Saujani began her career as an attorney and activist before she surged onto the political scene as the first Indian American woman to run for U.S. Congress in 2010. During the race, Saujani visited local schools and saw the gender gap in computing classes firsthand. She kept asking herself “Where are the girls?” which led her to start Girls Who Code.“Innovation is left on sidelines when we don’t teach girls,” Saujani stated passionately. What started as an experiment has grown into a national movement. Girls Who Code has gone from 20 girls in New York to 40,000 girls in 50 states. That’s the same number of girls who graduate each year with a degree in computer science. They achieved this success by two program components: After School Clubs for 6-12th grade girls and a 7-week Summer Immersion Program for 10-11th grade girls. Dell is a national sponsor of the after school Clubs, which are located at a variety of places – from homeless shelters to Indian reservations to the best public and private schools. Girls who have gone through either program are more likely to consider studying Computer Science in college.Thompson and Saujani were also joined on stage by 15-year old Quinn Langford. One could say ‘a superstar in the making’ but she already is a superstar. Next to being a student, Langford is a STEM advocate, author of the book, a member of the Girl Scout’s all-girls Lady Cans Robotics Team, and potentially a future nanotechnologist, an area she’s particularly interested in.In 6th grade, she became a member of the Lady Cans and later she co-wrote a book “Embracing STEM Smarts” to encourage young girls to follow their passion. Talk about a role model! Langford seconded the need for more corporations to sponsor programs and offer mentorship for girls to feel comfortable and have means to get in touch with role models.Speaking of books – while being pregnant, Saujani worked on a non-fiction book for girls highlighting real-life stories of girls and women in STEM. On the cover it says “Learn to code and change the world”.Girls need more women in techThe more women we have working in tech, the more role models and mentors we’ll have for the next generation. With this in mind, Saujani has published a series of 13 books – the first two of which were instant New York Times best sellers – featuring girls and women from different backgrounds and their journeys and novels of success. “Every girl in this country can find herself in one of the girls in the books,” says Saujani. She hopes to change the stereotype of what an engineer or computer scientist ‘should’ look like.But what are the things that are keeping girls from STEM? A question directed to Langford and she wasn’t shy to answer: “Girls are scared to fail. They need a safe space to fail and learn. It’s important to have programs just for girls so they don’t get pushed aside.”Although she is in an all-girls robotics team, some others are co-led between girls and boys and she noticed differences in what the girls are tasked to do, e.g. they don’t drive the robots or speak up as frequently. On another occasion she recalled that some members of her team wanted to help out at an event and got turned away as the job “is heavy lifting and this isn’t something for girls.” Omph.Unconscious bias – we all have it“As parents we sometimes do not appreciate or realize how small things impact our kids,” said Saujani. She encourages parents to give their children the freedom to just be – in their own ways, not ours. Everyone is different and has unique traits and characteristics. “Parents often pick and fix toddlers hair, clothes, attitude etc. By the age of 15, they then often cannot handle critical feedback.”Saujani encourages parents to let girls do STEM-related tasks around the house and outside of school so they get experience: “Put a drill in their hands when they are 12 years old, show your daughters – not just your sons – how to fix something around the house. Show them. Involve them.”It’s clear that there also needs to be a change in the education system. In the meantime programs like Girls Who Code or Girl Scouts robotics teams are needed to intentionally give girls the opportunity to experience coding, timbering, fixing things, and most importantly a safe place to learn how to fail.Adding to this, she shared: “I used to hand over difficult tasks to my husband to fix. And that’s not okay. I’m not a good role model for my child. Now I ask for instructions and help but do it myself.” Children mirror what they see.Another conversation especially struck her core: “A mother came up to me raving how much she liked what I do. She then said that she wants her girls to get involved but they are cheerleaders and she wasn’t sure if they should start a local club as she was concerned it would affect their popularity. As if cheerleading and coding are mutually exclusive?”Saujani and Langford stress the importance of corporate programs and outreach to all, men and women. Saujani asserted: “Creating sisterhood in companies is important. For instance, keep women in engineering teams together so that they can support each other. Equally important is the involvement and support from men. But often they don’t know how. We need to train men how to be advocates, how to become a voice for change. They are often supportive but hold back as they don’t know what to say or how to behave. They are very conscious.” Langford nodded in agreement and said: “We lose perspectives if we don’t include women.”Storytelling is a powerful force for empowering young people to study STEM. On International Day of the Girl (October 11), Dell is calling on technology leaders, its own team members and others in the industry to support the Power of One Mentor initiative –  talk to one child about what you do every day, why you love it, and how it makes a difference. Just one conversation can have a lasting impact and set a child on the course to change the world.Learn more about the Power Of One Mentor initiative. Join the conversation and share your stories using #PowerofOne. don’t know about you but I feel energized to support girls far and wide to become whatever they dream of. There is a little trailblazer in all of us. Let’s support each other and change the world!You can also read more on Direct2DellEMC about how Dell is “Cracking the Code” to make a difference for the next generation of women in STEM.last_img read more

In It to Win It! David Henry Hwang’s Kung Fu Extends Before Opening at Pershing Square Signature Center

first_img Kung Fu Related Shows Directed by Leigh Silverman, Kung Fu tells the story of international icon Bruce Lee’s journey from troubled Hong Kong youth to martial arts legend. The new play blends dance, Chinese opera, martial arts and drama into a new theatrical form. The production follows Lee in America as he struggles to prove himself as a fighter, a husband, a father and a man. View Comments In addition to Horibe, the cast of Kung Fu features Phoebe Strole, Jon Rua, Emmanuel Brown, Clifton Duncan, Bradley Fong, Francis Jue, Peter Kim, Ari Loeb, Reed Luplau, Kristen Faith Oei and Christopher Vo. You’ll really be kicking yourself if you miss this! The world premiere of David Henry Hwang’s Kung Fu is prolonging the fight at off-Broadway’s Pershing Square Signature Center, and the production has been extended for an additional two weeks. Initially slated to run through March 16, Kung Fu, starring Cole Horibe as Bruce Lee, will now play a limited engagement through March 30 at the Irene Diamond Stage. Show Closed This production ended its run on April 6, 2014last_img read more

Pilot project for personal care attendants funded

first_imgPilot project for personal care attendants funded The plight of wheelchair-reliant Aaron Bates put the need in the spotlight Pilot project for personal care attendants funded June 1, 2006 Regular News Jan Pudlow Senior Editor Aaron Bates, the young lawyer with muscular dystrophy who needs a personal care attendant to work, wheeled his way through the halls of the Capitol lobbying for change.At his side was lawyer Steve Uhlfelder, who volunteered as a pro bono lobbyist after reading about Bates’ disability Catch- 22 in The Florida Bar News. Together, they received help from Rep. Andy Gardiner, R-Orlando, who put $200,000 for a pilot project for a personal care attendant program in Lake, Orange, Osceola, and Seminole counties.Sen. Burt Saunders, R-Naples, helped double that amount to $400,000 during budget conference meetings during the last two weeks of the legislative session.“This was amazing, considering our late start,” Uhlfelder said.Bates’ dilemma was featured in the January 15 Bar News, as well as the Orlando Sentinel. The personal care attendant he needs — to help him dress, bathe, and get in and out of his motorized wheelchair — was provided by the state Division of Rehabilitation throughout his education but stopped once he landed a job as an assistant state attorney in the Fifth Judicial Circuit. Therefore, he could not accept the $40,000-a-year job, because an attendant costs about $35,000 a year, so he had to return to Alabama to live with his parents. The irony was that Bates could receive disability benefits if he chose to stay home and not work, but that was not an option for this ambitious, bright, 25-year-old Florida State University College of Law graduate.After the publicity of Bates’ plight, he was hired in Orlando at Mirabilis Venture, Inc., a mergers and acquisitions corporation, where they sweetened the job offer by including a personal care attendant in Bates’ compensation.“His problem is solved. He’s got a job,” Uhlfelder said. “But he’s a symbol of what’s wrong with the system. Most people, once they solve their problem, move on. But he wants to solve it for other people, including his sister.”Bates’ sister, Christine Bates, has the same medical condition and is currently a student at the University of Mobile.Bates said he loves his new job and it’s going well, but he is not giving up on fighting for a change in disability law.The expanded pilot project, Bates said, is “a good start, but by no means fixes the problem. I think the ultimate solution is a Medicaid waiver program.”Since the news articles, Bates said a lot of people thanked him for fighting the issue.“If this obstacle wasn’t there, you wouldn’t know how many disabled individuals would be able to go get a job,” Bates said. “A lot may just not have the resolve to go out there and fight the fight to get employed. There are so many obstacles to really sustain gainful employment. I won’t be giving up. It will be a state fix first, then I will look for a federal fix, because this is a nationwide problem.”In Florida, before the new pilot project allocation, the Personal Care Attendant Program of July 2005 had limited funding that only supported individuals with spinal cord injury. Bates was ineligible because his disability is from cell disease, not injury.The new language calls for the Florida Association of Centers for Independent Living to develop a pilot program to provide personal care attendants to persons who reside in the pilot program area, are at least 18 and significantly physically or mentally disabled, require a personal care attendant to maintain substantial gainful employment, and “presently be employed or have an offer of employment, but because of the loss of a caregiver, will lose employment or the offer thereof.”The association and the Department of Health will jointly develop a memoranda of understanding with the Department of Revenue, the Florida Medicaid program in the Agency for Health Care Administration, the Agency for Persons with Disabilities, the Department of Children and Families, the Florida Endowment Foundation for Vocational Rehabilitation, and the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation of the Department of Education.last_img read more

Valamar Riviera marked the 65th anniversary of its operation and officially opened the new Administrative Building in Poreč

first_imgValamar Riviera marked the 65th anniversary of its business and officially opened the doors of the new Administrative Building in Poreč to numerous guests.On the occasion of this great anniversary, an exhibition on the history of the company was set up, dating from 1953, when today’s Valamar Riviera was founded in Poreč under the name Riviera. Out of a total of 198 beds in Poreč and on the island of Sveti Nikola and a total of 20 employees in the first season, today’s Valamar Riviera has 33 hotels and resorts and 15 camping resorts in six destinations from Istria and Kvarner to Dubrovnik. Valamar can accommodate around 57 guests every day in its facilities, and in the high season it employs more than 6.600 employees.In June this year, Valamar presented a new brand strategy and brand identity under the slogan “All you can holiday” which creates the perfect vacation for each individual guest and five new product brands that differentiate Valamar’s portfolio of hotels, resorts and camps. Valamar Riviera is the leading investor in tourism in Croatia with a total of more than HRK 4 billion invested, and by the end of this year the company will present a new development strategy until 2022.Željko Kukurin, President of the Management Board of Valamar Riviere / Author of photos: Duško Marušić / PIXSELLŽeljko Kukurin, President of the Management Board of Valamar Riviera, pointed out on this occasion: “Today, Valamar is celebrating 65 years of successful development of tourism and destinations in which we operate, thanks to many current and former colleagues and our partners, shareholders and other stakeholders. Today, Valamar is a leader in the region’s holiday tourism,  It is among the ten largest companies in Croatia by market capitalization, a leading investor in Croatian tourism, a major exporter and a significant partner to the Croatian economy. We want to continue to grow together with our employees and be a positive example to the community in which we operate, and therefore we continue according to the same, Valamar formula: investing in employees and quality and investing in product and destination development in a socially responsible and sustainable way.”The new Administrative Building in Poreč was officially openedToday, Valamar Riviera officially opened a new administrative building in Poreč, where all its corporate sectors are located and where almost 400 employees work. When decorating the new administrative building, the inspiration for colors and materials were elements of Istria and the Mediterranean, such as: four colors of Istrian land, white stone, blue sea, golden mosaics of the Euphrasian Basilica and warm brown wood.Also, the building is designed to provide employees with a modern business environment that motivates innovation and creative work. Special attention is paid to creating the atmosphere of a hotel stay, so the entrance area is reminiscent of the reception with a lobby and e-library where employees can drink free coffee, while the open atrium evokes the atmosphere of a stay on Val beach. The Mediterraneo restaurant is also available to employees  ValamarArtist atelier is designed as a space for creative workshops, while the V-lab space is intended for meetings primarily related to product development and service concepts. In addition, employees have at their disposal a Valamar living room where they can relax in a massage chair and play a game of pinball, darts or five-a-side football.The administration building has been digitized in such a way that there are multimedia screens that update key business indicators, destination information and opinions of guests currently staying in hotels, resorts and camps. The administrative building on the roof also has its own photovoltaic power plant and a charging station for electric bicycles and cars in the parking lot of the building in accordance with the concern for environmental protection and sustainable development. On the occasion of the 65th anniversary, Valamar, as part of its initiatives in the field of socially responsible business, decided to allocate special funds for equipping and digitizing school libraries in the destination where the company was born, in Poreč. The first such modern school library will be part of the new Finida primary school in Poreč, which opens in September this year. Digitization of the school library will provide students with the best conditions for learning and working. RELATED NEWS:VALAMAR GIVES BINDING OFFER FOR ACQUISITION OF HOTEL IN AUSTRIAN SKI RESORT OBERTAUERNVALAMAR RIVIERA AWARDS EMPLOYEES FOR GOOD BUSINESS RESULTS AND THE BEGINNING OF THE SEASONlast_img read more

Two men arrested after forcing 4-year-old to drink alcohol

first_imgPolice on Sunday arrested two men who recorded videos of themselves forcing a 4-year-old boy to drink alcohol in East Luwu, South Sulawesi.The two men – Firman Efendi, 20, and M. Rifky Hendra Putrawan, 19 – were apprehended at their home in Timampu village, Towuti district, after the videos went viral on WhatsApp.In the first video recorded on Saturday at a black pepper plantation in Pekaloa, Towuti district, the 4-year-old boy was forced to drink three glasses of alcohol by one of the two men while another one recorded the video. Another video showed the boy screaming and drunk walking. The boy was also seen tripping several times and hit his head on timber stored in the warehouse near the plantation.Read also: Violence against children triggered by burden on mothers amid COVID-19: SurveyAccording to the head of the North Luwu Integrated Care Center for the Empowerment of Women and Children (P2TP2A), Juleha, the parents trusted Firman and Rifky to look after the boy as the father, Mertin, was working at the plantation. “The boy was thirsty, so he was given the alcoholic drink by the two men,” Juleha said as quoted from She added that the parents did not dare to report the abuse against their son because Firman and Rifky were the owners of the plantation the family worked for.“They did not want to report it because they were afraid of losing their jobs,” Juleha said, adding that the boy’s family lived in poverty. (trn)Topics :last_img read more

$230,000 refund in mortgage fees after bank errors discovered

first_imgOver 1,000 customers were refunded $230,000 worth of extra charges their bank made on their mortgage accounts – a timely warning for others to check statements and query anything out of the ordinary. Picture: iStock.AUSTRALIA’S finance industry watchdog has a timely warning for customers to check mortgage statements after more than 1,000 customers were overcharged in a single bank.The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), which is the country’s corporate, markets and financial services regulator, said a single customer complaint has uncovered a broader systemic issue at the bank in question.That saw Tasmanian bank MyState refund more than $230,000 in overcharged fees and interest to 1,040 of its customers with mortgage offset accounts.ASIC deputy chair Peter Kell said banks needed to ensure that their products delivered the benefits that they promoted.“This is another example of a single customer complaint revealing a systemic issue, and we are pleased that MyState has taken the appropriate action in response.”It was MyState that reported the matter to ASIC.More from newsMould, age, not enough to stop 17 bidders fighting for this home3 hours agoBuyers ‘crazy’ not to take govt freebies, says 28-yr-old investor3 hours ago RBA won’t follow US, Canada on rate rise Vacancy rates back from the brink This is Brisbane’s cheapest house An ASIC statement said the problem occurred because of errors in MyState’s manual administration processes which included failure to link loans and offset accounts, and failures to deal with offset accounts when loans were switched or discharged.Some “did not have their offset accounts linked to their mortgages – meaning that they were overcharged interest” while others “were charged ‘offset account’ fees after their loan had been discharged or changed to a kind that could not be linked to an offset account”.“MyState has worked with ASIC to refund customers and improve its internal processes, including by ensuring employees have appropriate account administration training.”MyState, a wholly owned subsidiary of MyState Limited, a national diversified financial services group headquartered in Tasmania, discovered the breach when a customer enquired about their accounts being linked. When MyState reviewed accounts that were created in a similar manner it found customers with loans and unlinked offset accounts, customers with offset accounts but no loans, and customers with offset accounts together with ineligible loan products.last_img read more

Dutch manager PGGM sets out to improve fiduciary services

first_imgHe said a particular challenge would be to reduce the “current lengthy” decision-making process for new investments.Limbach said PGGM’s fiduciary service would not be available as a standalone product, but would be part of the asset manager’s overall package, in alignment with its goal of playing a “prominent role in the consolidation occurring within the Dutch pensions sector”.He added that PGGM would increase its seven-strong fiduciary team to 10 next year.To make the service more visible, it was given the name Fiduciary Advice at the start of this year.Limbach said PGGM had no plans to offer its fiduciary services abroad.The asset manager has been providing fiduciary services since it became independent from its largest client, the €149bn healthcare scheme PFZW, in 2008.Since then, the service has been developed gradually within its overall service package for all clients.These also include the pension funds for general practitioners (SPH), painters and decorators (Schilders), architects and security, as well as the company scheme of Smurfit Kappa, the packaging material manufacturer. PGGM, the €167bn asset manager and pensions provider, has ramped up its fiduciary services for existing and new clients, according to Chris Limbach, head of the fiduciary advice team.Limbach said the company had shifted its fiduciary offering from a “one-step solution to a process comprising several stages”, with the view to giving clients more control over the implementation of their investment policies.He said PGGM aimed to improve the quality of its decision-making processes in light of the growing regulatory burden on its existing six clients. PGGM’s fiduciary approach now addresses the elements of an asset-liability management study (ALM) separately, matching asset classes with a scheme’s specific requirements and mandates, in addition to monitoring and evaluating asset managers, Limbach said.last_img read more

Real Madrid to offer Man Utd choice of four players in £160m Pogba deal

first_img FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 Paul Pogba French World Cup-winner Pogba is being strongly linked with a move to Real Madrid, just three years after returning to Old Trafford from Juventus. The 26-year-old is believed to be desperate to join Zinedine Zidane at the Bernabeu, while Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will be prepared to sanction his departure if a suitable offer lands on the table.Advertisement Real Madrid are ready to offer Manchester United a choice of four players in a transfer raid for Paul Pogba worth up to £160million. Loading… center_img Woodward is reluctant to let Pogba leave for the second time and will want a package of more than £120m to part ways with a player who has made over 150 appearances for the club. Real Madrid have looked into the possibility of signing Pogba in each of the last three transfer windows and are ready to revive their interest in the France midfielder this month. Read Also:Juventus to offer player-plus-cash deal for Paul Pogba According to The Sun, Real Madrid are ready to offer Manchester United a choice of four players – Gareth Bale, Isco, Luka Modric or Toni Kroos – in order to force the Pogba deal through. Promoted ContentWho Earns More Than Ronaldo?2020 Tattoo Trends: Here’s What You’ll See This Year7 Ways To Understand Your Girlfriend Better9 Facts You Should Know Before Getting A Tattoo6 Ridiculous Health Myths That Are Actually True6 Stunning Bridges You’ll Want To See With Your Own EyesWho Earns More Than Ronaldo?7 Theories About The Death Of Our Universe8 Things You Didn’t Know About CoffeeDid You Know There’s A Black Hole In The Milky Way?14 Hilarious Comics Made By Women You Need To Follow Right Now10 Risky Jobs Some Women Dolast_img read more

Cardinals Get Victories Over Panthers

first_imgThe St Louis Cardinals 7th grade basketball team hosted the Benjamin Rush 7th grade team last night and came away with another win by the score of 37 – 10.The Cardinals played well defensively with Ben Schebler controlling the boards and Tyler Kuntz applying some aggressive perimeter defense. The St Louis defense were able to hold their opponents to just 2 points in the 2nd half. On offense the Cardinals were led by Jack Abplanalp with 5, Riley Schebler 6, Kurt Siefert 2, Andrew Oesterling 10, Karson Macke 4, and Lleyton Ratcliff 10.The next game for the Cardinals is Monday November 30th at 6:00 against the South Dearborn Knights.Courtesy of Cardinals Coach Jim Oesterling.The St. Louis Cardinals 8th grade boys basketball team picked up a win Monday night defeating the visiting Benjamin Rush Cubs 35 to 30.A late fourth quarter scoring spurt and a brilliant reverse lay up by Zach Harmeyer secured the win. Johnathan Deal’s outstanding play on both ends of the floor was another contributing factor in the victory. Both players finshed with 4 points each.Charlie Dice led all scorers with 10 points. Adam Cox had 8. Evan Vogelsang and Eli Tuveson added 6 and 3 respectively.St. Louis improved their record to 6-2 on the year.  South Dearborn visits next Monday.Courtesy of Cardinals Coach Mike Burkhart.The St. Louis 5th grade boys basketball team played St. Lawrence this evening and won their 3rd game of the season. The Cardinals outscored the Panthers 28-15.It was a very competitive game as the Cardinals trailed by a bucket after the first quarter. St. Louis went on a 22-1 run in quarters two and three to secure the win. The team was led in scoring by Alec Bunselmeier (10), Noah Tuveson (8), Benjamin Harmeyer (4), Luke Meyer (2), Cy Muckerheide (2) and Nate Reder (2). Aidan Geers, Frank Forbeck and Jack Hollins contributed defensively and on the boards.The next game will be this Tuesday, November 24 at home at 6pm. Please come out to the game and cheer the Cardinals on.Courtesy of Cardinals Coach John Harmeyer.The St. Louis 6th grade boys basketball team travelled to St. Lawrencethis evening and battled their way to a 1 point victory over a very goodand balanced team 36-35.The tight confines combined with an exuberant and abundant hometown crowdprovided one of the toughest atmospheres the Cardinals have had to face intheir young careers.Thomas Raver had a good night on both sides of the court and was the team’sleading scorer followed by Abe Streator. It was a complete team effortthough with 5 players needed in the scoring column to seal the win. St.Lawrence was able to hit the final shot at the buzzer but the score was36-35 in favor of the Cardinals.‘Not much went well for the team this evening. We were in foul troubleearly, missed shots, had too many turnovers and missed free throws. But,the poise, perseverance and heart the boys utilized that won’t show up inthe statistics column were exactly the characteristics needed to bring homethe win.’  Cardinals Coach Jim Mohr.last_img read more

West Florida, Alabama-Huntsville game time shuffled around

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