Xining City ntermediate People’s court in the province’s first to establish a problem library work

Xining intermediate people’s court took the lead in the establishment of the "problem bank" working mechanism in the courts of the province, to ensure that the work of the trial norms, orderly and fair, just.

since 2007, the Xining City Intermediate People’s court in the court system, NPC deputies and CPPCC members, letters and visits and case investigation, discipline inspection and supervision in the process to collect the more than and 400 trial, the court reform, involving business team construction, management and other aspects of the judicial suggestions and opinions, the spirit of "strengthening mediation, in accordance with the law to maintain carefully, strictly back commuted" principle, formulated the "Xining City Intermediate People’s court commuted the case remanded on standardizing the work of a number of opinions", from the criminal, civil and administrative trial, sentenced to three to standard specification.

The first batch of

included in the problem library assignment, the contractor departments and leaders in charge to strengthen communication, supervision and inspection, as of now has solved the problem 20. (author: Li Jing)


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