Provincial Population and Family Planning Commission floating population management office to carry

In order to promote the effective service of the floating population family planning association and the floating population in the urban areas

in order to promote the city’s "floating population warm home" and the family planning work of the floating population of the family of effective service. July 25th to 26, the provincial Office of population and family planning management of the floating population, the provincial population and family planning technical guidance center in the city’s largest indoor market – Mo street market to carry out a two day "Kang Fu home" tour service flow of population and family planning.

science and technology guidance center of professional and technical personnel through free medical consultation, hanging banners, display panels and other forms of disseminating information, rights of the floating population and family planning interests such as the new policy carried out extensive publicity. At the same time as the free Mo street market among the floating women of childbearing age households do B, the amount of blood pressure, more than 300 mobile population of people of childbearing age benefit, to check out the sick women of childbearing age to propose treatment scheme in detail, on the part of patients suggest the referral.

the service activities, so that the people of the street market to further feel the family planning workers for their relationship and love, hope to provide them with such services in the future.



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