Xining 2011 science and technology week opened the curtain

Xining 2011 science and technology week opened the curtain


Xining 2011 science and Technology Week kicked off


5 15, the city to join hands to build innovative Qinghai as the theme of science and Technology Week kicked off. On the same day, led by the city’s leading group of science and technology education, in the center of the square to carry out large-scale science popularization activities. Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, the city of agriculture and animal husbandry and poverty alleviation and Development Bureau, the Municipal Forestry Bureau, the Municipal Association, Municipal Health Bureau, the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, the Municipal Seismological Bureau, the Municipal Meteorological Bureau and the city district, west district government, more than 30 units to participate in publicity. A total of 28 kinds of publicity layout, blackboard newspaper more than more than 160 pieces, hanging "science and Technology Week" flag color on the face of the 21 banners, distribute all kinds of information more than 10000 copies (volume).

science and technology activities during the week, I will also hold all kinds of popular science lectures, science into the campus, into the community, the organization of primary and middle school students visit the science education base, a series of activities to check technology correspondent work etc..





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