Nevis to share geothermal development experiences with Dominica

first_imgNewsRegional Nevis to share geothermal development experiences with Dominica by: – January 18, 2012 11 Views   no discussions Share Tweet Sharecenter_img Share Sharing is caring! Carlisle Powel. Photo credit: bajanreporter.comCHARLESTOWN, Nevis (NIA) — Minister responsible for Natural Resources and the Environment on Nevis, Carlisle Powell, said Nevis was willing to share its lessons learnt with its geothermal development with neighbouring Windward Island Dominica, which was in the process of drilling exploratory wells in the Roseau Valley.Powell’s comment came during a visit from a three member delegation from Dominica led by Minister of Public Works, Energy and Ports Rayburn Blackmoore on a mission to gain knowledge from Nevis’ geothermal development experience.“We are both pursuing geothermal explorations and it is important for us to share our own experiences with respect to the geothermal explorations. We have completed our explorations in terms of doing our exploratory drilling and we are now ready to move on to the next phase which is production drilling. Dominica is at the exploration stage and so we were quite happy not only to welcome Minister Blackmoore and his delegation but to be able to share experiences in this meeting,” Powell said.According to Powell, as both islands moved forward in varying stages of geothermal development, they would continue to engage in similar exchanges He said they were both small island developing states and it made no sense to reinvent the wheel, therefore whatever experiences Nevis had it was important to share it with Dominica as both islands forged ahead with the development of their geothermal resources for the needs of their people and the benefit of the entire Organisation of East Caribbean States (OECS).Chairman of the Technical Committee for the Development of Geothermal Resources in Dominica and Principal Advisor in the Office of the Prime Minister Edward Lambert, said he had a vision for Nevis and Dominica regarding their geothermal resources and they should work to become centres of excellence and a hub for training and technical assistance in geothermal development.“I have a vision for Nevis and a vision for Dominica in terms of the development of geothermal resources. I see down the road where we should work to become centres of excellence in the development of geothermal resources and become the hub for training and technical assistance to the rest of the entire Caribbean Community (CARICOM) region in geothermal development. “We have broken ground here today in Nevis on this and I am sure as we progress into the future, the relationship in developing geothermal will become consolidated as we unravel the many issues that have to be dealt with since this technology is new to us. But by joining forces in a sub regional or regional endeavour, I am sure, we would be able to overcome any future obstacles,” he said.The committee chairman said the delegation felt it necessary to visit Nevis because Dominica was in the process of crafting a range of policy decisions leading to its geothermal resources development and the technical issues that needed to be brought on board that would influence and define those policy considerations.Minister Blackmoore expressed gratitude to the Nevis Island Administration (NIA) for the opportunity to share in its geothermal development experiences.He said that he held the view that both islands should dialogue with each other given the fact that they were both pursuing the development of geothermal energy.“I want to say to Minister Powell we are happy that Dominica is not going to compete with you and that is why we can have this open dialogue, this open and transparent relationship moving forward.“We can share our experiences to ensure therefore, that geothermal in itself is developed to its fullest potential for the benefit of our citizens and for civilization of the Caribbean on a whole,” he said.Blackmoore noted that the Dominica Labour Party had made a commitment to the people to diversify that island’s energy resources.“We believe that … because energy impacts on every sector in society we believe that we have to afford the people of Dominica a cleaner and more reliable energy source and we believe that geothermal is the way to go,” he said.The Dominica minister noted that he was aware that a number of countries within the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) catchment and the Organisation of east Caribbean States (OECS) were embarking on similar projects as far as geothermal was concerned and that Nevis was most advanced.“Nevis more specifically has gone through the process where they have drilled the test wells. We in Dominica are actually going through the process of drilling test wells in an area they call the Roseau Valley. More specifically as I speak with you, we are now concentrating our efforts in Laudat.“We believe we have to speak with each other. We have to share best practises and to ensure that we proceed on a positive path because as we have said before we are in this together,” he said.Blackmoore noted that other delegations from his Ministry had already visited Nevis but believed that his island was at the point where the time had come for the development of policies and to give the necessary direction to the geothermal sector and Nevis could help.“Of course we can learn from Nevis to help us to develop a policy direction that would be responsive to our needs in Dominica and of course for the Caribbean and how can we share our experiences and share the resource,” he said.In response to a question regarding what he had gleaned from his meetings with the Nevis Minister, Blackmoore said he was pleased to know that the NIA had recognised the natural resource belonged to the people of Nevis. He regarded it as fundamental since any benefit derived from geothermal was for the benefit of the people of Nevis.“I think that in itself is very significant because we have to ensure that we protect what is ours. At the same time we cannot say we are not open to persons coming in to assist us. “We have to understand that the development of geothermal is a very costly exercise, it requires the mobilisation of significant financial resources, it also requires technical competence. I believe that Nevis in itself has the right thinking in developing that resource,” he said.Caribbean News Nowlast_img

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