Slovenian Adria Airways in bankruptcy

first_imgAll this would be great if there was a concrete plan and vision of future development, so we don’t know how many times, the Government of the Republic of Croatia again gives a lot of money to patch bottomless holes, without a clear plan of stabilization, restructuring and a correct plan to survive and be profitable. “The state does not intend to enter into such an enterprise. Otherwise, the bis would take on a large debt created by the owner, and allow the owner to avoid responsibility for the situation. We believe that this would be irresponsible and that the only possible scenario is the bankruptcy of Adria Airways “Said the Slovenian Minister of Economy, Zdravko Počivalšek, reports Delo. As we wrote, the collapse of Thomas Cook, one of the oldest and most famous travel agencies in the world, opened Pandora’s box and led to problems throughout the European airspace as well as in other airlines that did not transform according to new trends and market circumstances. Adria Airways expected that the Slovenian government would provide financial assistance, but it did not happen, so Adria Airways, otherwise owned by the German fund 4K Invest, declared bankruptcy. On the other hand, it is interesting how Thomas Cook asked the UK Parliament for financial assistance, which was refused, as in the case of Adria Airways, and after the companies failed to financially close the rescue plan, they declared bankruptcy. On the other hand, the majority owner of Croatia Airlines is the Republic of Croatia, which will still “help” its airline with HRK 250 million to save itself from bankruptcy. Slovenian airline Adria Airways filed for bankruptcy on Monday, Slovenian Delo writes. Photo: Adria Airwayslast_img

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