2020 basically completed the green Gansu and Sichuan traffic

Around Qinghai and Gansu Province at the junction of the revitalization and peace project, the province will implement the six major tasks, to promote the Qinghai and Gansu, Sichuan, the junction of transportation construction and development. Reporter recently learned from the Provincial Department of transportation, with the "complete and planning area of Qinghai province and Gansu Sichuan at the junction of highway traffic development planning" in the 7 counties of the specific implementation of the follow-up gradually, traffic development in our province and Gansu Sichuan outline clear blueprint for the future.

– the flow of external transport channels in accordance with the building construction Silk Road Economic Belt, promoting the national highway construction, including through Xining Tongren – Chengdu, Delingha – Maqin Barkam Chengdu 2 provincial transportation channels, strengthen the area and the eastern city group, Hercynian cycle of Chengdu Plain Economic Zone, Economic Zone Transportation links etc..

– perfect trunk road network to upgrade and improve the level of technology in highway, provincial, county road bottleneck elimination. Including the dragon, banma to Dawu to banma such as highway construction, the main trunk highway construction scale of 1654 km.

– promote the construction of rural roads, including the implementation of the resettlement of township administrative villages, to the agricultural and pastoral areas of smooth highway engineering construction scale of 12480 km.

– drive passenger and freight transport station construction on the existing building for a long time, the old county passenger station facilities transformation, including the transformation of the passenger station 5, the construction of township level passenger station 44, car pass test (bus stop and waiting hall) 337.

will also strive to enhance the level of transport services and improve the management level of highway maintenance, fully open the green Gansu Sichuan traffic network.  

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