The ecological environmental protection project in advance yindajihuang project series four

"yindajihuang water diversion 750 million cubic meters, replacing dry 1 million 100 thousand acres, for the eastern city of group of 3 million people, industrial park, Barry gallery features of modern agriculture and animal husbandry and the arid provide drinking, production and ecological water, will protect the eastern region urbanization, agricultural modernization, industrialization and ecological civilization construction of water."

to the ecological province, zhilvhulv, soil and water conservation, beautify the home circle, as the source of life, production and ecology of water base since when has become the key to development. To accelerate the construction of water conservancy construction, yindajihuang project, which is not only the people of the province more than half a century of dreams, is one the country’s major ecological engineering.

"the Heiquan reservoir is yindajihuang project a project, since August 2006 after the completion of acceptance, access to clean water 50 thousand cubic meters daily for seventh Waterworks of Xining. The outer reservoir waters 200 meters, 40 kilometers upstream and downstream 5 km area has become a protected area, according to the three grade quality of province and city and county water quality testing, has reached two kinds of local water quality, become the best water quality in our province." Ma Zhenghai, deputy director of the black spring reservoir management department said.

station in Heiquan reservoir dam in the reservoir area, green hills, green everywhere, with green water, such as pedestrians passing vehicles land of idyllic beauty, the stop,.

in order to protect the ecological environment of the water source, in recent years, Xining has carried on the scientific prevention and control to the ecological environment of the treasure River Basin, and strengthened the protection of the natural forest around the reservoir area. Greening and reconstruction of reservoir management office have been on this area of vegetation, every year to put 600 thousand reservoir pelyad to purify water fish tail.

water inlet of the main canal water diversion, the reporter saw the dregs from the unified shipped into the stack landhill stone built, along with rural dirt road slag paved road. In the tunnel construction built several sedimentation tank, turbid wastewater flow to Datong has been able to clear.

water diversion canal project director Zhao Bingxing told reporters that the main project is the underground tunnel, the impact on the environment is relatively light, mainly produce wastewater, waste gas, noise and land in the construction period, would affect the short-term adverse to the surrounding area, these effects will disappear with the end of the construction.

in the construction units, strict implementation of environmental protection facilities with the main project design and construction, and operation of environmental protection "three simultaneous" system in the construction bidding documents, construction contracts and supervision of the bidding documents are clear in terms of environmental protection and responsibility. The waste water produced by the processing of the sand and stone material can be recycled through the three stage sedimentation tank, and the utility model can be used for recycling. The waste water produced in tunnel excavation can be recycled through the standard wastewater treatment station of the inlet and outlet. In particular, in order to avoid the impact of abandoned slag on the surrounding landscape environment, to ensure the scientific treatment of waste disposal project, the construction side in the tunnel entrance, the construction of reinforced concrete and masonry wall of the high standards of slag dump site, and;

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