How to choose the first small business venture without money

because the investment is not too much, the small business is the first choice for many entrepreneurs. Small business can be a big career? The answer is yes, the next entrepreneurial story network   to share three small entrepreneurial story, let us look at the success of those small entrepreneurs.

500 yuan started, now about 200 thousand monthly sales revenue.

2002 will join the network, began to shop online. Liang Bo work saved 500 yuan, all used to go to Kunming jade market Amoy goods. At the time of the purchase of four or five pieces of dozens of   pieces of small goods, but no money to buy a camera, the beam wave came to the original company, looking for friends secretly help, down with the scanner, save to disk, because Liang Bo doesn’t have a computer,   only went to Internet cafes, so he finished the first venture early preparatory. Before long, Liang Bo completed the first order, the other party through a dollar auction to 200 yuan price of the transaction,   this profit will be more than 100 yuan. After doing business for more than half a year, the money to buy a good digital camera. In 2003 of April, finally have their own computer,   do not run the Internet cafe every day.

7 month, Liang Bo graduated from school, began to put his body into the shop. September, Liang Bo store sales reached 300 thousand yuan. At this time it happens to be EBAY platform and   eBay platform docking, Liang Bo recalled that the first order is a Canadian, bought a jade, more than 4000 yuan. After the transaction, Liang Bocai know each other is a Chinese   let’s put money by Western union. International trade is slowly developing, Liang Bo now in the United States, Canada has a few fixed buyers. When />

96 came to Guangzhou, here to make a piece of heaven and earth, create their own cause. But no diploma, no technical expertise, no work experience,   is always looking for work in the wall. If we can not find work, eating has become a problem, the body of the little money. In the evening, I can only find a newspaper to sleep on the road. When the service of   urgent is to let oneself survive, and then look for opportunities for development. I looked at the stranger in the crowd a streams of people busily coming and going, the old man shoulder a plum came to me: Sir, a 2   kg, buy it. Two pounds? So expensive? This in my home only two triangular money, so find opportunities.

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