Envision Festival 2016: A Look Toward Eco-Consciousness And Education

first_imgThe ownership of Rancho La Merced is very much in concurrence with Envision Festival’s beliefs about the importance of permaculture and community in our world today and going forward, and it is up to us as a cohesive Envision community to respect the land on which we gather, and leave it in as good if not better condition than we came to it in. Act With Respect & Leave NO Trace.Envision Festival has a goal of generating ZERO waste. This means that the intention is to minimize volume sent to the landfills as much as possible. Accordingly, the Envision Festival production does not allow any landfill materials of any kind to be distributed at the Festival. If every one of the 7,000+ people at Envision only generated less than a small shopping bag of landfill material over the course of the festival, collectively we really wouldn’t be making that big of an impact. We can also apply this logic to everyday life on Planet Earth. Below are some helpful tips about minimizing your waste impact while preparing for and being at Envision: -Bring reusable everything! Especially a water bottle, utensils, and beverage mug. -Don’t bring disposable glow sticks, styrofoam, excessive plastic shopping bags, packaging, or anything else that is non-recyclable or compostable. If you bring any plastic shopping bags, use them for your campsite trash, and keep the rest to use later on. They are small, light, and useful to have a stash of while traveling. -A common landfill item is cigarette butts. NO CIGARETTE BUTTS ON THE GROUND. If you find yourself smoking filtered cigarettes at Envision, at least do your part for the earth by making sure that each and every extinguished butt winds up in a Landfill bin! We think this is a very reasonable expectation, rather than mindlessly tossing it onto the ground. We can do better!! -When you are leaving Envision, all participants are encouraged to bring their SORTED campsite trash to our designated Exodus Sorting Station at the main gate. We prefer that all waste accumulated at the festival is brought to us, so that we can sort through it further and make sure recyclable and compostable materials don’t wind up in a landfill. Keep landfill materials in one bag, mixed recycling in another, and deposit any cardboard and compost in event Burnables and Compost bins, respectively. -Please do not leave any trash whatsoever at your campsite or anywhere else on the Envision site. As a member of the Envision community, respect the land on which we gather, and keep your campsite clean. When you leave, be truly sure to do a thorough inspection of your space for even the smallest foreign material. There should be NOTHING there that wasn’t there when you arrived. -DO NOT bring small plastic bottles to Envision! DO BRING a reusable water bottle, and a 1 or 2 gallon water jug for a campsite drinking water reserve! In the context of global water issues worldwide, Envision Festival has its own set of water-related limitations and considerations. As you may or may not have heard or experienced, Envision has historically struggled to ensure that the water flow is continuous and uninterrupted for the entire duration of our festival. While it is undoubtedly our intention to keep the water flowing unceasingly, the demands of the thousands of Envisionaries that gather for our yearly celebration puts undue stress on local water tables. This is an environmental fact. While we will certainly have adequate reserves on hand for Envision 2016 due to increased backup drinking water storage infrastructure, it is up to you as a participant to ensure that you are very aware of your water use while at Envision Festival. Bring a reusable water bottle with you to Envision, and plan on being able to refill it as needed with free potable water. While we want to discourage the use of small plastic water bottles at Envision and beyond, it is a good idea to bring a 1, 2, or 5 gallon water jug with you, which you can then refill each day and leave at your campsite as a reserve. This is ALWAYS good practice when you are at a festival, and especially while traveling in Central America. It is up to YOU to ensure your body stays hydrated and replenished in our tropical environment! Envision’s compost toilets are much better for the environment than portable chemical toilets, and are very simple to use, whether or not you have encountered them before. So please, if you need to poop, don’t hesitate to use one! If you are interested in learning more about compost toilets or any other environmental initiatives being taken by Envision stop by the Eco Hub in The Village! Ladies: If you are currently on your menstrual cycle, Envision presents a new service called the “Moon Pod”, which is designed specifically to be a space where you can more easily clean and care for yourself while at the festival. It is located within the women’s Nature Urinal area near The Village. Education Envision Education presents an array of imaginative, educational, transformative workshops  – with a focus on health + wellness, community healing, food systems, and the power of innovation. Dive deep and join us for a diverse range of interactive learning experiences that embody the core principles of Envision. They have curated these workshops, skill-shares, and panel discussions as a platform to expand our shared wisdom and knowledge, engage each other in meaningful conversation on the values of our community, and explore the potential for creative collaboration.  Featured Educational Speakers:  1. Storytelling: Weaving Threads of Meaning   Panelists: Guadalupe Urbina, Ian Mackenzie, Gabriel Meyer, Christine Raine, Tara Ruttenberg, Vicki Rox, Edgar Ortiz  We are the co-authors of our experience. This conversation on storytelling will trace and weave the threads of global narratives that promote cross-cultural participation. How does our language shape the world? What is the connection between story and empowerment? How do we collectively shed the false narratives that keep us from thriving together?  2. Post-Captilalism: What Now?  Panelists: Ed Zaydelman, Alexa Clay, Michel Bachmann, Nadav Wilf, Calgary Brown, Dinaz Stafford, Stephen Brooks  The systems we know are broken; NOW is the most important time in history to gather tribe leaders and visionaries. For the ecosystem builders of today to shape the world of tomorrow. We gather to exchange valuable wisdom, lessons, and actionable methods to create community and cultivate a culture of abundant living. Now that we’ve assembled, what systems do we create to realize our shared visions?3. David Avocado Wolfe  With over 22 years of dedicated experience and having hosted over 2750 live events, David has led the environmental charge for radiant health via a positive mental attitude, eco-community building, living spring water, and the best-ever quality organic foods and herbs. He teaches that inspiration is found in love, travel, natural beauty, vibrant health, and peak-performance.Lineup List:  David Wolfe  Guadalupe Urbina  Matt Black  Dinaz Stafford  Kaypacha  Ian Mackenzie Kip Anderson  Rhea Mehta   Gabriel Meyer  Alex Lightman Ali Shanti  Stephen Brooks  Marc Tobin Deva Presence  Nadav Wilf  Christine Raine  Vicki Rox  David Block  Calgary Brown Jackie Knetchel  Justin Faerman  Nadav Wilf  Adrian C  Neil Christiansen  Vir McCoy  Patricio Torres  Christopher Gardner  Jaquy Ynvason  Ari Eisenstat  Philipe Lewis  Bhavani Jaroff  Jason Lauvre  Tara Ruttenberg  Michel Bachman  Ian-Michael Herbert  Derek Razo  Chelsea Robinson  Alexa Clay  NuMundo  The Zendo ProjectWords by B.Getz, with additional reporting from Jill TrAshley and Annie ColemanPhotos by Adam Straughnlast_img

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