Driving test system reform started in Fujian Province

in the future, in our province driver’s license fees will no longer be a one-time advance fees, but to pay after the first training, ". In April 14th the reporter learned from the Provincial Transportation Bureau, the provincial government forwarded by the provincial transportation department, the Provincial Public Security Bureau jointly issued the "Qinghai Province motor vehicle driver training and examination system reform implementation opinion" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions") will be officially implemented on 17 this month, marking our province motor vehicle driving work the reform of the examination system training kicked off, the reform started.

it is reported that the "opinions" to promote decentralization, put the tube combination and optimization services as the focal point, problem oriented, driven by the reform, promote the opening of the market competition, driver training driving test fair, convenient and efficient service management as the basis, through innovative service mode, improve service level of driving training industry; the use of social resources well, the use of test site construction; improving the examination way, do the drivers themselves about the test work; strengthen the teaching management, strengthen the driver training institutions training responsibility; the implementation of decentralization, to simplify the driver training and examination work; strengthen the supervision and management, improve the service level; to promote the implementation of Internet applications, the convenience and benefit measures; strengthen the management team, do a good job motor vehicle driver examiner, coaches training management of 8 measures of our province driver training examination The reform of the system has been arranged.

pointed out that the "opinions", the transport sector will be implemented from the "first training, after paying close to the people’s livelihood service measures, change the driver training institutions of all the training received in advance a one-time cost model, the students choose payment, telephone network, mobile phone, APP and other training appointment, to solve the problem of inconvenience in the course of training. To implement the main responsibility of the training institutions, strengthen the management of all aspects of the teaching process, standardize the driving training contract text, improve the coaches of the teaching evaluation mechanism, the establishment of driving service students? Student evaluation driving? Driving to the students responsible for the evaluation mechanism, to solve the problem is not standard in the training process; the establishment of the driver training market information disclosure system, standardize administrative license, open the driver training market, guarantee the driving training institutions operate independently; improve the training management system of computer timing function, improve the driving training industry credit system, promote the professional driver training institutions? Brand building, according to the law to investigate violations of the driving training industry, improve the driving training industry in the matter, after the management capabilities.

asked me to "opinions", all localities and departments to plan in advance, steadily promote the implementation of the reform measures, and strive to 3 to 5 years to complete, the motor vehicle driver training and examination system reform key tasks, establish the basic driving training market system open and orderly, fair competition, service quality, standardized management, establish the basic public transparent, clear responsibilities, efficient, impartial and honest driving test management system.


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