Pay talks stop as unions reject 3 per cent offer

first_img Comments are closed. Pay talks stop as unions reject 3 per cent offerOn 27 Feb 2001 in Personnel Today Previous Article Next Article Local government pay talks have ground to a halt followingthe rejection by unions of a 3 per cent pay offer from local authorities. Unions are demanding a £1,000 flat rate pay claim, but theEmployers’ Organisation for Local Government (EOfLG) claims that 97 per cent ofcouncils cannot afford a flat rate increase.A significant flat rate increase is the only way to improverecruitment and retention problems in local government, unions believe. But the EOfLG argues local authorities do not have arecruitment and retention problem at the bottom end of the pay scale, which theflat rate is aimed at.  Adrian Pritchard, co-chairman of Socpo’s pay and employeerelations group, said, “Local government skills shortages are higher up incouncils, such as in the social services, lawyers and in IT, so a flat rateincrease will not help us recruit and retain skilled staff.”An EOfLG spokesperson said, “A 3 per cent increase will putthe local council minimum wage at £4.64, which is over a pound more than thenational minimum and 50p more than NHS lowest pay.”  The EOfLG claims that it consulted its members and 75 percent of them could not afford more than a 3 per cent pay rise.Socpo’s Pritchard said, “An increase of 6.4 per cent wouldcripple local government and price its staff out of the market.” Malcolm Wing, Unison’s national secretary, said, “Why shouldour members put up with low pay, demanding and often stressful work, when theycan get as much as £8 an hour stacking shelves overnight in a supermarket?”The EOfLG will consult with members before talks recommenceon 20 March. Related posts:No related photos.last_img

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