Open letter to Stephen Byers

first_imgOpen letter to Stephen ByersOn 13 Feb 2001 in Personnel Today Related posts:No related photos. Dear Mr ByersWe are writing toraise concerns among members of the human resources profession about the reviewof the laws on employee consultation on redundancies, which you announced inthe House of Commons in mid January. The review is intended to establish if thelaws requiring consultation “in good time” are working and whethermore should be done to promote effective consultation with employees. Readers of Personnel Today, theleading business news magazine for the HR profession, are concerned that thereview could amount to a PR exercise for the Government, designed to countercriticisms that ministers have not done enough to prevent large-scaleredundancies. HR professionals are concernedabout two principle issues: the vagueness of the proposed review, and yourfailure to open up the discussions to the HR profession. On the first issue, weknow the review is going to take four months, but there are no terms ofreference and no clear objectives. What has particularly angered theprofession, however, is the decision to consult only with the CBI and the TUC.HR directors at companies such as Vauxhall are directly responsible fordeveloping effective consultation with staff, and have the experience tounderstand the challenges in implementing good staff consultation. A failure totake their experience into account in the review will lead to unworkableregulations that will adversely affect business performance and employeerelations.It is surprising, therefore,that your review will not seek the opinion of the CIPD, which represents theprofession. For its part, Personnel Today will forward the views of HRprofessionals directly to your department if you decide to widen theconsultation to include HR practitioners.Personnel Todaybelieves the DTI review of staff consultation should:– Have a specific time frameand objectives– Take into account the globaleconomic conditions before recommending any changes to rules on employeeconsultation– Set out principles thatemployers should abide by when announcing redundancies, but ensure these areflexible enough to suit the different situations in industry sectors– Make clear how the EUdirective on information and consultation at a national level (the nationalworks council legislation) will affect company decision makingThe review shouldtake into account:– The views of employers’bodies such as the CIPD and the Employers’ Forum on Statute and Practice– The views of individual HRprofessionals– The views of employers whohave recently announced redundanciesOur readers waitwith great interest to hear your response to this open letter.Yours sincerelyPersonnel Today Comments are closed. Previous Article Next Articlelast_img

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