Dispelling myth of public sector low performance

first_img Comments are closed. Dispelling myth of public sector low performanceOn 16 May 2000 in Personnel Today Related posts:No related photos. We have plenty of experience to share with private-sector counterparts, saysaward-winning county councilLocal government personnel departments started the new millennium with anenhanced reputation delivering quality services.New evidence available from the drive to introduce the sort of qualityimprovement methods which were pioneered by the large blue chips, into localgovernment will bury the myth that it is private sector personnel people whoare sharper, more business focussed and provide better value for money than thebureaucrats at County Hall.In fact, many local authority personnel teams had already got their acttogether long ago and had ensured that their services were demand-led and theiragendas closely reflected organisational needs. In my authority, Worcestershire County Council, the team is structured tomaximise customer service. Our business plan is tightly aligned to organisational objectives and wehave service agreements with our primary customers. Performance againstbusiness plan objectives is closely monitored and reported in a public arena. We are high-profile strategic partners in the shaping of the organisationand have been instrumental in developing and assisting the authority toimplement the sort of culture change initiatives which are imperative to keepup with the changing social and economic agenda we face.Our team has a very high proportion of qualified staff who provide excellentservices to their customers (in our case, on a shoestring).Finally, we have a structured approach to reviewing the continuedeffectiveness and relevance of what we do and we are not afraid of making bigchanges where necessary. This is a description of a modern personnel departmentwhich probably everyone who reads this article would recognise.What has changed for us is the opportunity presented by the new localgovernment modernisation agenda to measure, publish and benchmark our servicesnot only with other local authorities but with leading private sectorcompanies. This is great for both our local communities (they can see what they aregetting) and our profession.At the Socpo annual conference held in March, EP-Saratoga, an internationalbenchmarking company, presented the first Best Value Awards to four localauthorities. Worcestershire County Council received one of these awards.While my team was absolutely delighted to be selected as an award winnerfrom the total of over 110 authorities which are actively involved inbenchmarking the quality of what they provide, it was the comments of RickEmslie, of EP-Saratoga, which was the icing on the cake for us. He said,”It is pleasing to note that the commonly-held view that the public sectorlags behind the private on all aspects of personnel, is proving not to be true.”There are examples of good practice and elements of high performancethat set an example for the private sector.” Yippee, a myth busted!This not only good news for us in local government, it is good news for allpersonnel professionals. We know that our colleagues in the private sector have ideas we would liketo share, and now they will know we have something to offer in return. Itshould lead • Dilys Wynn is head of human resources at Worcestershire County Council Previous Article Next Articlelast_img

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