What about children’s clothes preferred hua’en cat and mouse’s whole

healthy clothing, always very attractive to consumers. As our living standards continue to improve, we gradually increase the awareness of health. How about the cat and the mouse? Not only has a high popularity, but also to join the selection is very advantageous. So, the business choose to join the Chinese cat and mouse children’s clothing project, m ready?

Hua, a vibrant and promising children’s clothing company, has a professional, dedicated, has a passion for success of the children’s clothing team.

children’s clothing market in China has the following reasons:

1, cultural traditions: "6+1" type of family composition, the child is a little emperor, little princess, parents spend money willing! Moreover, now the parents have psychological comparisons, for fear that they do not give the child a good child clothes and affect the child’s growth.

2, population base: according to relevant statistics, China’s children under the age of 16 about more than 300 million. In 2003, the annual consumption of children’s clothes in China was nearly 1 billion, with a total consumption of up to RMB 50 billion yuan, and the rapid growth of children’s clothing with an annual growth rate of 8%. Big market, you have to calculate! China will enter the third peak of fertility, children’s clothing demand is not only sustained and blowout!

3, the concept of consumption upgrade: consumer brand children’s clothes, children’s clothes are from practical, durable level up to the brand value, children’s clothes are often priced higher than adults. It is not hard to understand!

4, popular puzzle products: now the parents are increasingly aware of the traditional way of education is no longer adapt to the rapid development of society, more and more children need happy elements, books, toys, audio and video products with cartoon elements of children’s clothes are more and more recognition from parents, children!

Hua Li cat and mouse children’s clothing, has always been a city with the brand, has been proved by the fact that the brand to join the project. For business with a small capital entrepreneurs, we start to choose to join the grace of cat and mouse with kids?

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