Do community shop business needs to have its own characteristics the whole

for how to open a community store, each owner will have their own experience. After all, the same technique does not apply to all shops, and each owner will have their own views. For me, if you want to successy open a community store, in fact, need to have their own characteristics.

I’ve been in Lotus Pond for more than and 10 years. Just settled when the business is not good, on the one hand, there are a few shops in the District, the larger the competition, on the one hand, the store is also nothing attractive features. 2000, in the city of a well-known winery to do sales minister’s father retired, I took the old two mouth, on the one hand, there is a care for the elderly, on the one hand can also help us look after the store.

‘s life and dealing with the fine wine, or drink two cups to drink, he basically is the internal supply of simple wine, this wine is not listed for sale, only to supply the winery with wine and hotel retirees as welfare. This wine is sold in the market more than 120 yuan a bottle, but it is said to be a bottle of internal difference of nearly $40.

I learned it, and he said, you can use the previous relationship to help me get some of this wine, we can take this wine to contact the residential customer emotion, increase the competition ability of our this community store. Later, under constant PR father, finally got the right to sell this wine, but only in the retail store agreement, shall not be in circulation in the market.

this wine just entered the shop, we did not advertise, know the customer is not much. Once a week, the district where the boss to buy wine, I said to him, this wine is less a paperback, outsourcing box, the quality is the same, but less than the authentic 30 yuan a bottle, you can take this wine to try, Zhou boss often socializing, whenever the banquet, he will buy wine from me. In this way, the use of this advantage, my home retail stores around the establishment of a good reputation.

father good wine, there are a lot of good things in the District of the elderly, when they meet the door to eat, generous father always leave them to drink two, and, out of the entertainment is not buy wine on the market. Therefore, my family here also gradually became the "old club", especially after four or five pm, in front of the store can have many old people in the chat, popularity has also brought wealth, I shop business community are getting better.

is now a lot of community stores, the competition between each other is also unusually fierce, if you want to do business, features are very important. So, I think, to do a good job in the community store business, you must have their own characteristics, there is a bright spot to attract customers, so that visitors can not be taken away by large supermarkets, hypermarkets.

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