The whole catering kitchen management Leisure Hotel

doing business is a learning, how to manage their own business projects is very important. And now one of the most popular words in all walks of life is integration, such as marketing integration, business integration, industry consolidation, seemingly unrelated to the industry through reasonable integration can play an unprecedented role. This, in the basic necessities of life, the highest probability of food and beverage. Xiao Bian believes that, whether it is mainly based on the leisure beauty spa SPA, or entertainment based KTV, playground, buffet form of dining everywhere. So there is a new topic — the dining and kitchen management of leisure hotel.

Dong Guoyu: obsessed buffet kitchen management

Based on this

, Guangdong Provincial Committee Director of Guangdong chef, master chef, member of China cooking association, Guangdong cooking teacher, senior food carving technology division, Guangdong Province vegetable farm appraisal, China Guangdong Management Master Dong Guoyu to be the first, pioneering and enterprising spirit of exploring a Leisure Center buffet kitchen politics management the road.

Dong Guoyu engaged in cooking for more than ten years, is a diversified development. He is proficient in Guangdong cuisine and cooking abalone Canyan wings, bypass the cuisine, and engaged in the catering business management and hotel management, successively in Fujian, Guangdong and other places of the hotel and restaurant as executive chef, production director, director of food and beverage and other duties, the hotel’s construction, planning, cost control and management rich theoretical knowledge and practical work experience. Leisure hotel catering kitchen management is the direction of his research in these years.


" has been the most time in the traditional Traders Hotel and large restaurants do kitchen management work, a chance to let me touch the buffet. This model is based on the popular dining and high-end dining, whether it is management or production has its uniqueness, but did not form a mature management model." Dong chefs see the prospects for the development of Leisure Hotel, also realized the lack of management, began to delve into the buffet kitchen management mode, forming a unique style of three (fine, standardized and institutionalized) Bless Residence kitchen management mode, and successy in the leisure hotel entertainment spread.

now, Dong Dachu explore summed up 24 hours buffet management model has been practiced in a number of Bless Residence kitchen, and has been successy verified. Next, Dong chef hopes to promote this management model out for more leisure and entertainment boss to solve the problem of money but not a good buffet kitchen management problems. In this case, we also hope to be able to enjoy in Guangzhou and even the country under the management of Dong Guoyu chefs high quality buffet.


above is the catering kitchen management leisure restaurant management of Dong leisure hotel chef short answer to your business idea, hope to bring some help, if what other aspects of Q >

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