With the help of the Urumqi tourism industry so that all farmers and herdsmen get rich the whole n

after the material life level has been greatly satisfied, people pay more attention to the spiritual level of consumption, so the tourism industry in the current market is very popular. As the capital of Xinjiang Urumqi city tourism industry base, Urumqi County, relying on the unique tourism resources, to create "two world", to create "four national level" as the goal, to the construction of international tourism in Nanshan District, tourism development and improve the livelihood of the people at the same time, let the farmers get rich on the fast lane.

Heavy traffic

weekend tourists Fang Jia Zhuang Cun, Urumqi County, the people in a continuous line, as the first to achieve the central heating of the village, in August this year, along with the gasification project vigorously implement the Nanshan, the village more than and 200 villagers have soil boiler in the past, every family to achieve a centralized heating. Living in the more than and 100 square metres Sanshiliangting, breathing the fresh air, the villagers Liu Wenxia particularly meet: "through the natural gas, heating, cooking. With all the natural gas, feel particularly convenient, do not feel it is in rural areas, a natural oxygen bar, much better than the city, the traffic is more convenient later, life will become better and better."

The development strategy of

in accordance with the ecological county, tourism County, Urumqi County, playing a combination of boxing in clean energy, to promote the "clean Nanshan" project, as of now there are more than 2 thousand rural households are using natural gas, more than 12 thousand farmers and herdsmen housing completely improve. A number of quality, rural tourism attractions is increasingly shaped blossom everywhere, Damiao village villager Zhao Zeling said happily: "now the farmhouse opened, good living conditions, the street lights and consequently there is much better than the original conditions, particularly tourism to people."

of Urumqi city as an important ecological source of Urumqi county’s tourism resources occupy the city’s tourism resources in 60%, and snow sports base target party committee and the municipal autonomous region proposed to build international famous mountain tourism resort, a world-class professional base and create a winter sports park, Nanshan Glacier National Scenic Area and the national tourism resort, national ice, the next five years, Urumqi will accelerate the Nanshan landscape upgrade.

Deputy director of

Urumqi county planning and Construction Bureau Li Xinan said: "plans to invest 3 billion, to focus on enhancing the Nanshan scenic area construction, architectural style, the comprehensive improvement of rural living environment, waste water treatment, landscape garden design, 17 years to achieve 100% home tap water and natural gas 100% households, 100% into the sewage collection pipe to collect, create a pleasant scenery, service facilities, visitors with world-class tourist resort."

"relying on the tourism industry, to lay a portfolio", then, Urumqi county will adhere to the development of global tourism, tourism and agricultural tourism around, information, tourism and environmental protection + + concept, establish, everyone everywhere scenic tourism service concept, make recommendation

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