College students to open up the company’s net worth tens of millions

many college students also have a dream of entrepreneurship, there are many cases around, it is worth learning. College students start a company, net worth tens of millions, he is how successful? Let’s listen to the entrepreneurial stories of college students Pan Weiguo.

2007 in the fall, Pan Weiguo had just entered the university after graduating from the determination of entrepreneurship, because in the field of computer science and technology, and their comparative study love software, he began to search from the Internet inside and outside all kinds of web pages and web site maintenance work to do so. He accepted the first project is provided by the school of the West Campus CMC website design and maintenance, from the work of 2000 yuan to get his first pot of gold.


2012 years, the rapid development of the mobile gaming market, Pan Weiguo decisively quit his business, his first outsourcing project earned tens of thousands of dollars to solve the problem of a small livelihood. By the end of 2013, he embarked on the establishment of a new company, to give up the maintenance of a total of more than a dozen online 2D games, instead of focusing on human and energy research and development of fine 3D games. With the success of the first 3D game development, the company also received tens of millions of investment.


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