Chengdu moziqiao open market in the southwest area

Venture Street belongs to a small business incubator, the establishment of a series of business street to bring entrepreneurs an ideal business infrastructure, has become the country to promote entrepreneurship incentives to attract venture investors in the name card.

1993, engaged in leather processing Liu Zhenghui looking south entrepreneurial opportunities, and then entered the field of investment, then rooted in international trade business line, has accumulated rich experience in the industry, weaving a network of international trade relations all over the world.

"I in the field of business for many years, Miss childhood days spent in Chengdu, also love and care home this entrepreneurial hot spot through the news media, also always concerned about the significant changes in my hometown, has been looking for an early home business opportunity." Liu Zhenghui told reporters that the national implementation of the "public entrepreneurship, innovation strategy, innovation and entrepreneurship in Wuhou District to build a good platform, such as to create the famous moziqiao innovation District, and therefore decided to seize this rare opportunity to return to business, but also look forward to the venture in his hometown to return home upbringing.

Combination of

"I opened the top grade Youyang mall in Chengdu, hope that Chengdu people can buy imported goods sales price at home, to avoid shopping bags from abroad to the trouble, such as a large number of foreign shopping not only diverted the travel time, and the hand holding a big bag that seriously affect the travel." Liu Zhenghui told reporters that they will try to put the global high-quality goods of the first recommendation to the people of Chengdu, and then enter the domestic market in the west, let the price of imported commodities Wumart eventually into thousands of households, and they will strive to bring together global high-quality products, the most preferential prices to consumers.

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