2016 Kaifeng Chrysanthemum Cultural Festival opens

in this season is the most vivid flower chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum as the main cultural festival will be launched. In October 18th 2016, Chinese opened thirty-fourth chrysanthemum Cultural Festival City that projects to promote the signing ceremony was held in the city. If you are interested in this project, let us look at the functions of the festival.

chrysanthemum Cultural Festival is not only a holiday, but also an important platform for economic exchanges, in this festival attracted a large number of high-quality enterprises, many enterprises have reached a cooperation. According to statistics, the total signed 101 cooperation projects, a total investment of 81 billion 550 million yuan, the project involves the equipment manufacturing and auto parts industries, modern services, cultural tourism, agriculture, infrastructure, e-commerce and other fields. Participants said that the chrysanthemum festival for the enterprise and the government set up a bridge of communication, to build a win-win platform for cooperation, and promote the development of enterprises and cooperation to a deeper level of cooperation.

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