Guizhou will guide 1 million 500 thousand migrant workers return home Entrepreneurship

Chinese is an agricultural country, migrant workers occupied the entire social groups in the proportion of them is very large, recently, Guizhou province has launched a new program for migrant workers entrepreneurship, is to attract more migrant workers entrepreneurship.

"plan" clearly, in our province will conform to the transfer of industries, promote industrial upgrading, promote industrial integration, the development of new agricultural business entities, Internet plus rural e-commerce and other aspects of development and leading to the return of migrant workers employment, expanding the employment of migrant workers return home entrepreneurship space. By the end of 2017, to promote the integration of the 10000 village electricity supplier service stations, the incubation of the rural e-commerce in the village of 1000, the construction of the center of the 100 e-commerce operations.

"plan" also proposed the establishment of helping to carry out precise and accurate accounting policy propaganda, carry out accurate post service, carry out accurate skills training, employment and entrepreneurship support accurate five measures to improve the plight of children left-behind children family situation, precise helping left-behind children trapped family environment and child labor employment return.


in the Guizhou province of the migrant workers returning home plans to carry out time is relatively long, and have their own goals, by 2020, will attract 1 million 500 thousand migrant workers returning home for entrepreneurial activities.


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