A Hot pot shop need how many money

hot pot of this kind of Chinese style delicious, not only a lot of people love to eat, but also a lot of people like to invest, however, the need to invest in venture capital. So, how much money to open a hot pot restaurant? Before the shop, the cost of the project for the opening of the investor may need to know how much of the cost must be y understood, the total can not store up to half of the money shortage!

should have certain traditional food, scale is conducive to market competition, because Hot pot industry increasingly fierce competition, the single range is more and more big, small living space has become increasingly limited.

how much does it cost to open a hot pot restaurant? The generally small size of the Hot pot shop 8-10 million square meters, a 600-800, 60-80 table Hot pot shop, probably to prepare 600 thousand yuan of funds, including at least 7 months rent (including the first half of the rent and the amount equivalent to one month’s rent deposit), decoration, facilities and equipment purchase, employees the recruitment and training, advertising and other expenses, and prepare for 100 thousand yuan for capital turnover.

how about opening a hot pot restaurant? If you choose to open a hot pot restaurant location, the success rate will be more than 50% shop. The site to spend a lot of time and energy, because the mature site has been occupied, the new site is relatively immature, it takes time to support".

open hot pot restaurant what kind of position is a good position? Generally speaking, good position to have such characteristics: the resident population and the floating population is more intensive; catering; adequate parking spaces, usually 600-800 square meters of Hot pot store at least 40 parking spaces, not ideal to resolutely give up; door advertising and good image; the internal structure is more reasonable, not too much. Otherwise, an obstacle to the decoration and layout, the influence of the operating area; height is too low, to 2.8 meters; the store within 2 kilometers around the source and distribution of income and consumption habits to meet market positioning.

venture capital investment is certainly needed to support, so, if we have the investment to do what the cause of the preparation, but also need to know how much of this career needs to be prepared. So, how much money to open a hot pot restaurant? Although the analysis is not complete, but I believe that the majority of investors can give a good reference.

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