Cosmetics store opening shop promotion skills

how to successfully open a profitable cosmetics store, the new store opened, want to win in the beginning, it is necessary to do a good job of propaganda campaign store. Xiao Bian here also remind you that the cosmetics stores store to carry out publicity and promotion, and not from the opening of the time to do publicity, before the opening, you can also use some method to increase the early popularity, so as to achieve the role of publicity and promotion.

cosmetics store propaganda one: to promote the opening of the decoration

cosmetics stores in the renovation period, you can also do some advertising. Generally speaking, the new ten days of renovation period, the store can not be wasted, People are hurrying to and fro., in fact, then you can do a conspicuous large painting, a temporary advertising spending, not many, more than one hundred yuan can, advertising content can be the upcoming opening of the brand image promotion, can also be a promotional revealed shop, there is a way to save money is to pull a banner, write "from XXX store opened in how many days", is also good, creates the customer expectation and curiosity, for the upcoming opening rally.

recruitment advertising is very beautiful, attractive eye. Is a good opportunity to promote the brand of cosmetics stores, many shops simply write a two word or a few words of recruitment recruitment requirements; because the shop must involve recruitment guide, exquisite advertisement sometimes significance greatly exceed the recruitment itself, play a very good publicity effect. In fact, we have seen some companies through the full page advertisement in the newspaper to show the strength of the company, and this is the same reason.

cosmetics store publicity two: by the weekend to open up

investors can not superstitious but the opening time of the auspicious occasion, the choice is very important, as far as possible have the most customers, caused a sensation effect, usually on a Friday and Saturday opening is the best, because these two days a week is one of the most two days shopping, but also when the maximum flow of people the customer is; have a herd mentality, love lively, love many people. Some shopkeepers say well, do not do today how much performance, watching people more comfortable.

cosmetics store publicity three: by the atmosphere for the opening up

cosmetics shop business strategy, must be the new atmosphere, open a cosmetics stores to allow customers to see in the new, I do not agree with what the fireworks, but we must think of a way to get some blue flowers, there must be at least eight, not too little, not the atmosphere; of course if conditions permit, or you can have the arch, some people will engage in some sort of band, it is not necessary, like fireworks, tacky and matching. The creation of the atmosphere is to increase the opening rate, in addition to the music is also very important, and must be a dynamic music, no music store is

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