10 fish shop to go to Guangzhou

is a kind of fish by Chinese delicious diners. You can find dozens of fish shop in any city. Today, let us recommend 10 fish shop for Guangzhou diners, in this winter, you must go to a taste of their delicious.

NO.1 fish – charcoal grilled fish (Victoria shop)

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recommended reason: known as the art of fish, the new open soon, before bursting with popularity, a few days ago opened a not less than 3 hours, with a sea fishing line to fight, the environment is very retro, dim lighting, wooden chairs, nostalgic old TV, has been playing the "black cat sheriff, even the WiFi password is heimaojingzhang, very distinctive bowls and cups; and thoughtful service, providing a variety of flavors to choose a shawl; fish taste, suitable for mass.

strongly recommended cumin fat head, because there are friends to eat spicy food, so this thought is not spicy, cumin flavor Mutton Cubes Roasted on a Skewer, who came after the shock, it full of pepper, but the head is very slippery, big one, the taste is not wrong, just spicy. Add some side dishes, asparagus, konjac, kelp, super stick.

tendergrill Scallop in Shell, very delicious, the above seasoning is very special, very full of meat, let people eat also want to eat, recommend this dish to go home now! Still miss the taste.

NO.2 on the stove. Really charcoal grilled fish (Beijing Road)


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NO.3 hot addiction (Huacheng branch)

per capita

recommended reason: a lot of people queuing legend recommended

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