Anhui temperature allowance is not enough to buy watermelon

this year, God knows why crazy? Some time ago, the rain continued, a lot of places flooded. This does not, the rain away, ushered in the continuous hot weather. For sustained high temperatures in the province, Anhui Provincial Department of human resources and social requirements of the issuance of high temperature allowance, and will be carried out in the labor and labor law enforcement inspection. However, this year, the province’s high temperature allowance is still in accordance with the standards published in 2011: no less than 10 yuan per person per workday. For such a standard, many people, users believe that the drop in the bucket".

temperature allowance standards in our province 5 years unchanged

according to the July 4, 2011 implementation of the "on the enterprises in our province high temperature season allowance standard circular" (Anhui man 2011 No. 34) regulations, the employer arrange workers in the above 35 degrees high temperature weather in outdoor work, and can not take effective measures the workplace temperature to 33 DEG C, shall be issued high subsidies to workers. Reporters learned that this standard has not been adjusted for 5 years.

10 yuan per day accused of a drop in the bucket

engaged in courier work in Hefei Xiao Zhao told reporters: we are linked to the amount of revenue and our business, and the weather has nothing to do with. High temperature allowance has not heard, if you have to wait until 35 degrees, a genius of $10, then from the current price point of view, it is too little, and even a watermelon can not buy."

"I feel the high temperature allowance is a bit outdated." Hefei white-collar clerk Miss Zhang said: Although we have a working environment air conditioning, but hot weather, we have significantly increased the cost of commuting. Now the city is so big, work on the road is the ‘one hour are common, as these days can only choose to take a taxi or drive. So high temperature allowance should cover all workers."

5 years in our province has not received a complaint

reporter learned from the Provincial Department of human resources and Social Security Bureau, the province’s high temperature allowance system implemented five years, the Council has not received a complaint on the high temperature allowance.

industry insiders believe that on the one hand is the policy and many workers are not familiar with; on the other hand it is because the high temperature allowance standard is relatively low, there are few workers will be ten yuan a day to such a "trivial" and club decorum, in court, this seems to be a lot of people in the The loss outweighs the gain. behavior.

in the rapid economic development, the welfare of employees has been greatly improved. But in some areas still did not implement some of the welfare policy, but the local population is completely silent, because behind the province’s economic development? Also recommended

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