Rural Pension College Students Entrepreneurship new project

current rural areas are actively developing entrepreneurial resources, in addition to agricultural products, rural areas can also develop rural tourism. This new tourism resources are very popular with the new generation of tourists, and can attract more rural students to return home to start their own businesses, more in one fell swoop, it is worth developing.

the tournament hosted by the bird transit network, visual Chinese Co. Officially launched in May 22, 2015, lasted six months, from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xi’an, Wuhan, Chengdu, composed of six college students across the country to participate in this event. Contestants enthusiasm, the game hits exceeded 8 million 500 thousand passengers. After the selection of the masses of the network, from the entries in the 5016 selected works of the selected works of the 10, by the famous photographic experts jury final evaluation award. Experts also selected 3 works, awarded the jury award. Leaders attending the ceremony presented a warm speech.

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