Selling drinks on the nternet to make money

online platform sales of products are very rich, the beverage industry trading volume is also very large, so to attract a lot of attention to beverage agents. Selling drinks on the Internet to make money? Many investors are very want to clear this problem, in fact, choose this business is very good, worthy of attention.

from Taobao online business platform, the wine category sub industry turnover ranking, can see the domestic liquor with 44.26% of the turnover ratio, accounted for almost half of the country’s wine market, consumer demand for domestic liquor is the worst. So it will be a good choice to buy liquor online, many stars are settled in Taobao, Tmall began selling drinks.

in the beverage category, customer price selling more concentrated in 90 yuan, followed by 200 yuan. It can be seen that the entire beverage category of consumer groups are concentrated in the middle consumer groups. In the online liquor do / can make money? Drinks in the professional online customized price, 90-200 price of about

is very close to the people, the atmosphere!

drinks through online sales found in wine consumption groups. Men accounted for 63%, far more than women. Relatively concentrated in the age group of 25 to 34 years old, mostly just set foot on the social and career slightly into the consumer groups, there is a certain degree of autonomy of the economy after 80, 80% of the 70. Therefore, we through customized delivery, the consumer is now back in many ways, constantly praise! In the online liquor do / can make money? With the golden nine silvers ten arrival, wedding, banquet, Party activities began to frequent policy, our shop planning activities started "/p>!

in the online liquor do / can make money? The wine consumer group level, the primary buyers (3 heart 5 heart accounted for 46.3% of the share, the consumption level of consumption intermediate buyers accounted for 58.1% of the share, shows that most consumers did not form a deep sense of purchasing drinks. Therefore, for the consumer groups, the seller to do a good job related packaging and promotion, especially for the possession of 84.8% of the consumer groups of novice buyers and junior buyers.

in the online selling drinks money? Through the above analysis, we found that in fact, through online trading platform, the same can help businesses achieve profitability goals. If you want to do wine agency business, may wish to open a lot of profit channels, which is more conducive to the smooth realization of wealth dream.

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