Native name Daquan

to open a local specialty stores, we must first take a good name, can let the customer business is booming, the whole network for everyone finishing gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory, the native name Daquan, a look!

products shop when the shop name can best reflect the characteristics of the local specialty shop through customs or well-known characteristics of cultural connotation, this name is more intuitive, more consumers can deepen the impression, also got a sense of identity.

Yue friends

tongue taste

good time snack food store




food kingdom

Eshine food

snack tribe

good run

Yi Xuan

tongue temptation

, a snack

multi mouth

The legendary


blessing more

music taste


crazy squirrel

N sub casual food

Shu leisure food brand

family meal


delicious bud

mouth music guest

pine guest

eight taste

honey square


snacks story

taste Xuan

wheat cocoa

Greater China specialty store


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