Ordinary people can afford to start projects recommended

2014 is a golden year full of business opportunities and wealth. With the rising number of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial difficulty is also increasing, so for ordinary people and what we do is venture up?

swiftly proved Wang’s worry is unnecessary. Less than 10 minutes, the four pots of watermelon were bought. There is a young man with 50 yuan to buy all of a sudden, one of the two pots. 2012 new projects, he said, a pot of their own to enjoy, another pot would like to write a few words on the melon as a gift to a girlfriend, she will certainly like. Holding 110 yuan notes, Wang could not believe it was true. The stall owner said: how many pots do you have, 10 dollars a pot I packed it! In this way, the 100 pots of watermelon earned a net profit of $more than 1 thousand, the top Wang a month salary.

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