How do business managers deal with entrepreneurial dilemmas

look at our business managers are how to lead the entrepreneurs out of the plight of entrepreneurship, not in the face of crisis, they are how leisurely.

to seek external opportunities

to create a strategic alliance

a simple partnership can save you money. Consider to buy, share rent, equipment sharing as a way to reduce costs. Another idea is: does the manufacturer’s sales representatives and export agents have the ability to help you sell?

Negotiate with suppliers to reduce the cost of

with the rent for example, if the rent is due in the next few years, the price concessions as the conditions put forward more long-term lease contract signed. Or if you pay the supplier quickly, you can get a price discount and an extra discount.

targeting customers of competitors

better situation is the acquisition of competitor

if you have acquired conditions keep going by painstaking effort of competitors, may wish to consider, of course the acquisition act can promote the strategic objectives of your own.

always pay attention to changes in the outside world

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