How to build a green mining

environment has been greatly damaged, in the life of the serious phenomenon of casual felling of the trees. In order to effectively manage these phenomena, how to build a green mining ABA? To ensure the local ecological environment. Following the footsteps of small series, to understand the specific strategy of aba!

one is how to build a green ABA mining. As the ecological economy in Northwest Sichuan barrier, according to the State Commission, the state government of mining development and ecological harmonious development, for the realization of "ecological mining, green mining, green mountains and rivers, leaving" ABA only doing "subtraction" in mining right approval, not to do "addition" in accordance with the law according to the procedure of phasing out big damage, environmental pollution serious ecological mining rights, up to now, the total number of prospecting in Aba Prefecture from 163 in 2010 to reduce the 118 to 2015, the total number of mining rights from 78 in 2010 to reduce the 45 to 2015.

two is the gradual establishment of mining rights set exit mechanism. In the future, all the more than 12 years in the exploration of the territory of the territory of the ABA, allowing only a continuation of the prospecting rights, prospecting for people to complete the prospecting work within 2 years. If the geological prospecting work is not completed within 2 years due to subjective factors, the mining right cancellation procedures shall be handled in accordance with the relevant provisions. At the same time, there is no longer the extension of the mining right after the expiration of the state’s poor dispersion, social risk and environmental impact.

three is to realize the harmonious development of mining economy and ecology. To further build the ecological economic demonstration zone, Northwest Sichuan in the future, in addition to lithium resources, other minerals in principle no new mining rights, the resources to leave to our children. From the depths of the mind firmly "must also jinshanyinshan beautiful scenery. Nanjing to beautiful scenery, not gold and silver, green mountain is jinshanyinshan concept.

reported by the above we can see that the amount in the economic development process, the construction of ecological environment in Aba actively, create green mining, take three main measures: strict control of the number of mining rights, mining rights setting gradually establish exit mechanism, realization of mining economic and ecological harmonious development, hope to promote the series under the measures, ABA can effectively build green mines.

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