The name of the dialect more benefits


is out of the house, even if there is no communication, hear the dialect will feel very cordial. If there is such a home dialect named shop, more able to resonate, thus becoming their own choice of consumption. So, if the name of the dialect, or a lot of benefits. Let the humble in competition in the market is untenable. To take one step ahead than others to the customer, the first is to do publicity, and a catchy, is the best publicity signs is gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory.

is also a store in the same industry, if one of them is named after our familiar dialect, we naturally prefer to spend, because the shop let us be more cordial.

opened a restaurant in Shanghai, Mr. Shi Yonghua has deep feelings! He was very puzzled at first to name the hotel, because they do not know to take what kind of name is good. A friend suggested that he had to take the "porridge" English transliteration when signs appear, but he believes that western style; instead, it is better to use the local dialect of Shanghai to name their own hotel. The real business is to have their own brand. He looked through the books, hoping to get some inspiration. At last he saw for "days", as the main congee restaurant, you can use homophonic his own shop named "day porridge porridge".

in this way can not only threefold, humor, and catchy. Not to mention the Shanghai dialect, presumably Shanghai people will feel very cordial. The most important thing is that it is also consistent with their own business projects, we see this sign it is easy to know that this is a restaurant to sell porridge.

Since the opening of the

restaurant business has been very good, affordable price of the public, genuine ingredients, friendly and courteous service will soon be here to win the hearts of consumers. As a twenty chuan-100 to word of mouth, "porridge porridge day" also became a local special snack sign. A lot of people at this "a gilded signboard" specially from a great distance away from. A good sign is not a temporary propaganda, but long-term economic benefits.

revelation: dialect name beauty

1, the name can use of dialect. A famous person once said, "a good name is the best guarantee for long-term success". A good name is often easy to remember, easy to write, can leave a deep impression. Like Mr Shi Yonghua, he was using the homonym to name the restaurant. This is the usual business practices, when you see a lot of people in this way have gained good benefits, you will know that this is a time tested strategy. Because this method can be used and the most important is a phrase with a double meaning, customers can easily remember. In fact, for some trendy shops can also

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