Laid off workers in state owned enterprises to become rich spring


treatment is good, good benefits, a lot of people in the state-owend enterprise is racking his brain, but also there is state-owned enterprises laid-off problems, so the laid-off workers of these state-owned enterprises will decide on what path to follow?

1989, Huang graduated from high school in the Badong public schools, Dazhiping primary school as a private teacher, after was recruited to the former state-owned coal mine rock muntjac in Badong county. He worked as a migrant worker, and later through their own efforts, has worked in 5 state-owned enterprises in Badong, from an ordinary worker to the state-owned enterprise executives. In 2003, he served as director of the office of the Three Gorges winery in Yichang, due to the full layoffs of employees, he also failed to escape.

"I to Hongtai industry candidates, the idea is very simple, to find a job. But when the general manager, I changed my mind, one is to make the enterprise bigger and stronger, two is to help more laid-off workers." Huang Gong said the real idea.

through hard work, he persuaded Hongtai industry legal representative of the enterprise at the time of transformation into joint-stock enterprises. In order to expand employment and development of laid-off workers, public schools Huang proposed "meet a large number of laid-off workers, borrow to create a civilized city in the East, along the main line of the city’s service and management, establish coherent industry, to spend 3 to 5 years of the development of ideas, make enterprises bigger and stronger". The company has taken over the white slopes and Daping two residential street cleaning, garbage removal, landscaping, advertising and amenity management services.

2003 in October, Huang Xue Gong to the Badong county government to Pakistan Dongcheng District funeral home and cemetery construction project Laojun slope. A huge amount of money required by him and the chairman of the mobilization of workers to their friends and relatives to borrow, culminating in the yellow school public led by 16 laid-off workers after 4 years of fundraising and unremitting efforts, Badong City funeral home and cemetery slope Laojun was built in 2007 and put into use, the fixed assets of the company are from the past 100 thousand yuan increased to nearly 10 million yuan, but also the placement of more than 100 laid-off workers.

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