Electricity providers to help rural left behind problems

migrant workers out of work, the most pathetic is the children left behind. Of course, parents are uncomfortable. Under the support of innovation and entrepreneurship policy, there are many migrant workers returning home to start a business, however, there are still a large number of migrant workers working outside. So, electricity providers can solve the problem of rural left behind?

2 17, the news aroused my concern.

A is in the Chengdu Qionglai town of Judeline Rinzai village, left-behind children peak due to the separation of mother and mouth has been crying, shouting: "you can’t do this to me……".

If, in Chengdu peak door, there is also a village service station, whether her mother can choose employment at home, take care of their parents, children, family.

If a public entrepreneurship peoples innovative fire really can ignite the vast rural areas of the earth, so the story left behind will have fewer, less tears of separation flow.

thirty years, the tide of urbanization, more and more farmers to change their own destiny, improve family life opportunities, this is the opportunity of the times. But it also inevitably produce a variety of problems, and the decline of village family separation, especially a large number of left-behind children, has increasingly become a society to bear the pain.

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