Successful home bonsai shop to pay attention to what matters

bonsai because of the smaller space, while better decorative effect, which has been the favorite of many consumers, the market is very hot in the current market, has been the concern of many investors. However, if you want to successfully open a bonsai shop, we need to pay attention to the natural factors are still a lot of. So, the success of the home bonsai shop to pay attention to what matters?

shop location:

flower and bird market, often in the convenient Park, near the square, young and old. A wide range of flowers, from the small herbaceous plants to large bonsai trees, the price is also uneven, the customer groups for the love of the people and enterprise groups (lease flowers). Many customers, the price is cheaper, but the competition is also large.

mode of operation:

with a facade on the development of a group of friends, bonsai, potted orchids, and profit from, driven by a large number of people playing it, the development of the market. To make money, selling class cactus succulents, such as grade, sell bonsai. Can also be carried out to rent flower pot business, on behalf of the holiday business, graduation business. Not without the market.

operating varieties:

to palm bonsai, bonsai trees as literati seedlings and cuttings on potted plant can to rose seedlings as the key to a toothpick, orchid 12 months in different seasons flowering Champlain focus.

other matters:

Guan Jian

, is that you have the backing of, such as bonsai seedlings and cuttings, all kinds of cheap bluegrass, someone must have early delivery, of course, the most convenient is the massive variety of rose toothpick seedlings, online you can find, for soon after they can reproduce it and orchids girls should have a strong attraction.

The success of the

shop is not easy, especially on the current competitive market, therefore, if you want to successfully open a bonsai shop, these small series are the natural matters still need your attention, so that it can ensure the success of a business.

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