The content of science and technology news portal tends to be deep


May 9th, Tencent technology announced revision, and referred to the Tencent of the future technology will jump out of the "news" instead of "transformation of new media news + news research, by studying more and better ideas, the content industry to provide more" nutrition "." And "Penguin wise cool" products.

, following Tencent’s technology, also announced a revision of another technology news portal. In May 20th, news science and technology announced home new online, and referred to the revision to the responsive design and lightweight design concept, design and implementation of channel response after type, can be automatic version according to the personal computer, various sizes of tablet computer and mobile phone screen, any terminal can use the browser to visit and perfect present in technology so, the channel in the mobile Internet era reading experience has increased dramatically."

actually includes big technology channels, Sina Technology, NetEase technology and other science and technology news portal, have adopted the "light" style of UI, and news portal of "hodgepodge" style UI style is very different. Early domestic news portal is the "supermarket" style, the entire page to show more content to the user in the whole page are filled with headlines about this phenomenon, foreign people still cannot understand why domestic portals are using this "heavy" style, but this is really one of China’s unique phenomenon.

Why does

go "heavy"

?The revision of the

technology, and information technology throughout the Tencent, public science and technology, Sina technology platform, will find that they are changing the "supermarket" style, gradually abandoned the heavy content and style, make it easier for users to get their needed information. What exactly is the reason? I think there are several points:

The impact of

(1) social network. Between the news and news information is the existence of conflict, from the social network appears, is particularly prominent, users can get faster news information than the news portal by micro-blog, Facebook, circle of friends, Twitter and other platforms.

if you do not see the depth of content, 140 words show news information and news portal with about 1000 words to show the release of news and information content, and no difference, but also pay attention to micro-blog can obtain information faster than the news portal by users. Early news may have been made by special journalists, such as television, news portals, and so on. Therefore, the news portal can only be accepted by the users only when it becomes light, fast and simple. Otherwise, with the impact of the social network becoming more and more big, the news portal will only be in a state of decline. Science and technology news portal transformation, it is because the technology has been walking in the front including finance, politics, entertainment and other platforms, it took the lead in the face of social network on the network news media shock front lead to heavy".


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