Youth entrepreneurship and innovation needs to be implemented

is now entering a new stage of China’s entrepreneurial development, with the introduction of more entrepreneurial policies, entrepreneurial threshold is reduced to a very low level. However, in the actual implementation of the process, the low threshold benefits really can let people enjoy it?

2009, the general office of the State Council issued "on the strengthening of the employment of college graduates’ notice", which clearly stipulates, "the registered unemployment self employment of college graduates in the local public employment services, lack of self financing, can apply for not more than 50 thousand yuan in small loans to the partnership and organized; employment, according to the provisions of the appropriate expansion of the size of loans to local government regulations; engaged in low profit projects, according to the provisions of discount support." Although the central and local governments have repeatedly repeated this year after the start of the loan support policies, but due to the bank’s enthusiasm is low, the application of complex requirements and other reasons, this policy has not been properly implemented.

2015 Tan Peiming graduated from the Beijing City University with the students business plan to open a studio, the lack of start-up capital of their business loans for college graduates had high hopes, but the day after consultation but hopes.

After consulting in

continue to visit the ICBC, construction bank, bank China China three business, the answer is still Tan Peiming "no special loan for college students’ Entrepreneurship project".

reporters were also to Chinese bank, agricultural bank, construction bank, China Chinese ICBC, China Merchants Bank, CITIC Bank and other 6 banks to understand, except China banks provide college graduates in Shaanxi, Jiangxi, Guangxi, Chongqing and other places business loan business, the bank did not open this business.

in addition, cumbersome application procedures also become an obstacle to implement business loans for college graduates. In the Chinese bank for college graduates loans as an example, need to prepare employment unemployment registration certificate, loan application, self financing plan that nearly ten kinds of documents and materials, for the need to go to the labor and social security, industry and Commerce and other government departments, these procedures according to various departments to handle the concrete time, generally need a and a half or so, after the formalities are completed, also need to wait for a batch of bank loans.

"although the national loan policy, but because there is no mortgage loans for college graduates and high risk, unsecured bank lending and zero risk demands for contradictions, and less complicated procedures, the bank The loss outweighs the gain." In the recommended

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