We must think about the problem before or will do nothing

can you make money by making web sites? The answer is yes. Just as high school students can go to college, but not all of them can go to college. Doing a website is same, not all stationmaster can earn money through his website. Perhaps every day the webmaster to join, perhaps every day there may be webmaster quit.

then what is the most important thing to do website? Before you do web site, what questions should be considered? This article aims to give novice friends a little inspiration, and I hope it will help a lot of people who want to go to the station.


Technology: many novice friends are talking about do not understand technology, can do? The answer is yes, now a mature system very much, the forum program, CMS program, blog system, official shop procedures, there are very detailed tutorial, more exploration naturally understand. If the site of the process or not understand, will spend 50 yuan to Admin5 in the primary station training, on the one hand, learning some basic knowledge, on the other hand, make more friends, and through friends naturally know to do the process, in short, do not because of technical reasons hindering the pace. Don’t focus on the research of technical difficulties.

website positioning: whether the website is mature or not is directly related to the success of the website. Now do that small but special, have written before individual owners of the development direction of an article: "big and complete as small and specialized", a lot of friends in the site abandoned operation after a few months, think positioning is not correct, such a pity ah? So the initial positioning must carefully consider your. What is the goal of the website users, the more concentrated the better promotion of the corresponding target users. Identify the target user, then what do you want to offer services for these users? These services have the same do a good website provide? How do you do "I have no people, I have excellent people? Otherwise why should the user come to your website? The user site is to enjoy the service your website, things can not meet the needs of users, naturally will not be sought after by users and love. Your location is not correct, after several months of promotion, found that IP did not rise, income is not increased, maybe it will end in vain.

website promotion and operation: no matter how good the site is, no matter how good the service provided by the website. Not letting more people know is doing nothing. So, after the website is done, want to think how to popularize and operation website, the promotion of the website and operation is the most crucial link that makes a website, the stationmaster that gives up 80%, because be in promotion and operation link to have a problem. Website promotion does not go out, without visitors, is purely an ornamental product, a long time, and their own also bored, and naturally closed the site. Website promotion method can be described as thousands of master, Wan law. The rich go to buy Internet advertising to buy outdoor advertising. Write soft money, some people use QQ group, e-mail, search engine, website promotion and operation to learn more and more to communicate more, see more experience of the others, look at the text, do not see the "www" and soft, from the soft.

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