Talking about my choice of space for three years

perhaps many webmaster in the beginning of the station, the most headache problem is the virtual host (space) choice, below I will tell you about my three years of learning course, and I hope to help you. This article starts with (May)

I remember I just contacted the site is in the 07 year, was just out of school, the economy is not well-off, so even a classmate and flat-share a house, when I was working in a Guarantee Corporation, two of my classmates are in the university read e-commerce professional knowledge, the main the course is the site, so every day after work to pick up their courses and see nothing. Natural and also have a certain understanding of the website construction.

later heard people say to do a lot of money, so I also try to be prompted by a sudden impulse, but when I do go to contact this line I found, imagination is not so simple, is the three question was put in front of me the most direct program: 1. 2. 3. domain name space.

first: program

didn’t bother me how long, because there were many source download stations and CMS systems and DZ and zblog at the time, so the program problem was solved soon with the help of classmates.

next: domain name

this problem is the most simple, but after planning the style of the website, the domain name has been targeted, so it will be solved soon.

final: space

because it was still in the learning stage, so the choice of free space when the choice is 5944, an American space, but with a long after I worry, website advertising, and access speed is flying slowly, finally can not hold up the free space, but how to say, after all, people are free to provide you with the database is already quite good. I don’t think much of it. Backstage pick the right choice after a computer room space, then watch his main reason is the attractive price of 88 $/ 300M and 100 SQL. I immediately opened two, but after that there is an old saying how to say? – no good cheap goods, although free space indeed better than before the point, but the speed is too slow ah, ah. So I started the road of cleaning space again. The chance to see a future space: Kyushu 1G+SQL+webmail=12.95 yuan / month plus coupons first month is only 2.95, at that time I will laugh. Is that space or cabbage for 2.95 yuan? Is it pie in the sky? So I don’t mind. In the next few days and see about the future and evaluation of Kyushu, Baidu search, objectively speaking or praise more, so I bought a 1G of Chinese Cabbage (space) was $2.95, into the background found strong function php+A>

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