Wenzhou union pie faction buy Network my blog story and me


I never thought that there was a name of "webmaster" in my life plan. But right now, I’m a station master, managing the Wenzhou co – pie group and the free food forum. What I don’t think of is that my present blog has become a place for me to publicize and share.

for the first time to write a blog when I was 20 years old (07 in June) was just graduated from the University, I think they have a certain reputation in the school, students and professors think that my article is well written, so I decided to walk the road of creation. The truth is that you feel like you’re on a more routine path, and that path is destined for more experience and pain.

in August 07, I went to Guangzhou alone, and went to the Flower City Publishing House to look for the chance to publish novels. At that time, the novels after 80 were pretty hot, but I don’t know. Everything has gone down the slope. I was told by the editors of the flower city to wait until the 08 year of June to have other publishing opportunities, Ms. Zhong Jieling told me, and let me go to the Tianya forum first. Opening a personal blog for the first time. 08 years, my novel also participated in the Sohu original competition, fortunately also won the national semi-finals qualification.


in my concept, the blog is a very private platform, it records all my emotions, how I want to write, how to write, so I think the blog is very boring. All the way back to Wenzhou in 09 years, I quit my job and put up a stall at the gate of Wenzhou University city. I thought of the four words "network propaganda" again.

I serialize my Hawker’s life in the forum of Wenzhou network. The title is "my peddler’s life". Although those characters are all written in the middle of the night after I put them away in the stall, I have received the sympathy and attention of some netizens. My purpose at that time is to make my booth business a little better. Well, I didn’t want to start my own blog or drive a micro-blog. In fact, many Internet users through the plain text I rough from the city had to come over and eat my beef offal.


I think a lot of things are planned and need to be carried out with fun and attitude.

for example, I took part in the 08 Sohu original competition, and I always wanted to win the prize, but in fact, my writing skills still have to be improved. And I returned to my own door, Wenzhou, after playing the forum, the result, less than half a year, Wenzhou network (www.66wz..Com) forum 10th anniversary top ten write hands, even I have one – the most personalized review award. Later, I started blogging under the advice of the manager. In the one month, 30 day blog challenge, I won the weekly championship and the third place in the finals.

by the end of 2010, at the Party of friends, someone told me: "people who used to play forums know your name."

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