Shaolin Temple online shop emancipate the mind may wish to learn Shi Yongxin

, a monk chanting in the temple, but not in business outside the Buddha; concentrated practice martial arts secrets, but read up MBA. Recently, the monk also played in e-commerce, online selling the martial arts secrets……

you might think that the monk deviated from the Buddhist tradition, but I don’t think so.

this monk is Shi Yongxin, the thirtieth generation of Shaolin Temple abbot, folk called Shaolin CEO, in recent years, the hot Buddhist celebrities.

August 1987 is the elders passed away, Shi Yongxin ‘legacy, became director of Shaolin Temple Management Committee, presided over the overall work of the temple. In August 1999, only 34 years old Shi Yongxin became abbot of Shaolin Temple. Shaolin Temple has since entered the Shi Yongxin era. Shi Yongxin took over as the abbot of Shaolin Kung Fu, with travel extensively, travel to Europe to visit the United States, the world tour, and actively promote the culture of Shaolin Temple, made a lot of very fruitful work. Perhaps it is because of its extensive experience and open field of vision, it has enabled it to further promote the use of commercial Shaolin Temple Everbright business.

in China’s rolling wave of economy, Shaolin Temple is more active in society than Shaolin Temple is polluted by the earth. For example, in view of the fact that Shaolin brand was registered by some enterprises, in 1998, Shaolin Temple decided to invest in Henan Shaolin Temple Industrial Development Co., ltd.. In Shi Yongxin’s words, "if you don’t set up a company, you can’t register the trademark. If you have the company carrier, you can carry out the protection and management of the intangible assets of Shaolin Temple."." By 2006, Shaolin Temple has received 76 certificates of registration of 32 categories and trademarks, and Shaolin Temple trademark has also been recognized as "well-known trademark" by the State Administration of industry and commerce". During this period, despite the bad reviews, but Shi Yongxin did not compromise, he took a broad road to get rich on the Shaolin Temple. This is Shi Yongxin, a monk in the era of knowledge economy, destined to take Shaolin Temple as a road that no one has ever imagined before.

experienced a Shaolin Kung Fu World Tour, trademark lawsuit, establish a company to test the water, Shi Yongxin quickly into the market economy, put forward the application of world heritage, opened the Shaolin Temple site, and asked the monks to learn English and the Internet, but also the start of the Hollywood and Shaolin Kung Fu in the drama movie dream…… The reform of Shaolin culture gradually appears in front of the world, and Shi Yongxin’s commercial dreams are becoming reality in a world of sobs. The Shaolin Temple is also a new look, the old temple was fully restored, the new temple momentum, Shaolin Temple infrastructure construction rapid development, monk Ding Xingwang, visitors full house. Shaolin Temple is at its height again. Back in 1981, a 16 year old Anhui boy named Liu Yingcheng, rushed to the Shaolin Temple are all converted to Buddhism, he opened the door of the dilapidated old revision soon, and the sight greets a deserted house, dead twigs and withered leaves……

it is worth mentioning that, in Shaolin Temple more than 1500 years of history, the heyday also often, but the court is provided, only this time, >

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