Use website content and keyword promotion to exceed competitors

home website how to go beyond competitors, the most direct way is to strengthen the visibility of the site, enrich the content of the site, the industry keywords promotion.

to Home Furnishing network, on the one hand, the website content and Home Furnishing industry closely related, on the other hand, website propaganda Home Furnishing prominent industry leader in site image promotion, the combination of the two launch, received good results:

website content is always the first, and home network content reflects the home industry information and home products of the latest developments

in Home Furnishing network general manager Mr. Zhang Fuxin under the guidance of site personnel specialized organizations, acquisition and analysis for Home Furnishing Home Furnishing industry industry news, writing articles, rich web content. The main content is to introduce Home Furnishing product knowledge and industry trends, industry trends and other articles. In this article, emphatically introduces the development strategy of Home Furnishing network the introduction of new products and Home Furnishing network. Sometimes Home Furnishing and reproduced some building materials industry relatively strong professional articles published in the website, the original articles have good effect on the recommendation of Home Furnishing network.

Home Furnishing enterprise is always the main force in the industry. Home Furnishing around the enterprise and the product, Home Furnishing network has opened a special column for a detailed description, each enterprise has recommended hot comments, mainly for Home Furnishing enterprise, enterprise depth recommendation reports, will recommend Home Furnishing enterprise and its products to you. In the specific reporting content, the home network according to the relevant needs of the report, to supplement some industry information or link some related comments, will make the recommendation report more readable.

home network recommended articles, mainly around the introduction of enterprises, the latest features of products, as well as the direction of enterprise development, enterprise position in the industry, and enterprise market analysis.

home network website publicity, but also prominent home network industry features, by doing exchange links, and the industry’s major building materials associations, building materials, websites, home sites and other widely link exchange. Specifically through the analysis of the industry website audience, combined with the characteristics of the industry, pick out some sites, by customer service communication, exchange links for each other. This is very effective in promoting the popularity of the website,.

In the

industry forum, often can see Home Furnishing network publishing industry articles, published these articles generally focus on areas of building materials industry Home Furnishing concentrated professional forum, in these forums, from Home Furnishing net article are from the information to the product. Many of them Home Furnishing related commercial soft, or Home Furnishing industry prospective articles, or Home Furnishing exhibition information, or information industry conference, which will attract some managers to pay more attention to Home Furnishing network.

at the same time, the home network through the collection and collation of the home industry list, for home enterprises e-mail, mail advertising in the form of mass mailing, publicity will be sent to the enterprise mailbox. These data are collected from Alibaba to HC and many B2B platforms

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