Non mainstream webmasters don’t want to be mainstream

              do not know what began in society more than "non mainstream" the word, a group of 90 men and women in the personality publicity, wearing an alternative, turned out. And at this time, the first batch of non mainstream websites emerged, such as: non mainstream, new generation, non mainstream blog, non mainstream official network, and so on..

              their " non mainstream " the explanation is: individuality, offbeat, non popular, do not blindly follow the trend of today’s mass, pay attention to meet their disposition clothing, dress, words and deeds. Non mainstream means is not the most popular thing… It is a relatively advanced or lagged from the number of people speaking, the pursuit of non mainstream people accounted for a relatively small, more mainstream called. This relatively few let Baidu TOP" non mainstream " keywords soared, more and more non mainstream sites are zero, non mainstream, non mainstream, non degree eight the mainstream and so on, a total of about 2,30 of it. It was in 07 years around February, and as of today, large and small add up probably hundreds of non mainstream sites. I also did a hey but relatively late is not published, at most QQ owners I know are 80, I asked them what is " non mainstream " and they laughed and said do not know, just feel very sick, I only know that non mainstream " this time is not long; the non mainstream, but does not contain " a small number of people, such as embroidered square dance master, my personal feeling is not representative of the mainstream type of O (a _ U) O

                the significance of writing this article is mainly about feeling, who said after the selfish, realism, we love beyond love Jay, does not mean that we lag behind the trend, we have our own aspirations and ideals. We cannot be defeated " non mainstream "


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