Never know the outside of the chain novice talking about medical websites outside the chain

novice to share personal experience, do not Paizhuan!

was not familiar with the Internet before, and felt like a blind man". In the beginning of contact, I feel everything has no way to start, I do not know which point should start from, to learn too much knowledge. Of course, a lot of knowledge we can’t do everything, so instead of each point all know a small part, not to hold a hand to study, put a point of practice acme is a specialty (self comforting Oh, ha ha). Now contact e-commerce, mainly the web site of the chain, the following will be the two months to do some of the chain of experience to share with you.

for medical sites, if you want to achieve good results, in fact, only need to do two points: 1, higher conversion rate; 2, lead to more traffic. What I want to do is to attract more traffic, and then subdivided, how to rely on Baidu attracted traffic? Sure is to improve the site weight, website weight is divided into two aspects: 1, do internal work; 2, do a good job of the chain.

how to do the chain,


just began to feel like a chain not much, if any things, the feeling is very abstract, do not know where to do outside the chain. And the first site is a medical site, I feel Baidu should have restrictions on medical websites. So on the Internet to find a variety of information learning, a new web site in the end how to do the chain? Through a variety of Webmaster Station to collect information, learning and some of their own experience, I began to do it.

began the first week of the hair of the chain, do some traditional methods, the registration information in a variety of Yellow Pages published online, the site added to the inside; various search engine login entrance, submit website; there are a variety of web directory submission site information; there are some self-help chain like, will on the seven or eight day, it can be found in the hair of the chain, some could not be Baidu spider crawled, especially as some self-help chain, asked to submit the site before must first put their own website link to our website. Do so for a week, found that the effect is very bad, check the of the chain, only similar to the 0460 site home, such a few web directory was grabbed to. The effect is not good, naturally want to change strategy, looking for some similar web site, see their chains are sent to where, after another analysis and learning, found in some classification information on the chain is also very good. He found some of the weight of relatively high classification information website, like 58 city, people network, Ganji, list of network and so on, to find a suitable category in the above URL in the effect is really good, the second day when the test results, the classification of the information chain is included a lot of at that moment, finally reflected see their fruits of labor, the heart suddenly so little comfort. In this way, continuous learning, summary and Analysis >

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