Web design has a future Stick to it Don’t give up

to write before I can tell you that there is a future web designer. Why? Because of this industry and the rapid development of the Internet. Whenever you in the newspaper, the portal site to write very Niubi pull down station Moumou tens of millions of dollars in venture capital, the majority of enterprises is undoubtedly the Internet business. And the rise of the Internet, a strong impetus to the development of web design this occupation, when you see the hottest position in the talent website, ranked first is likely to be the web designer. Web design in the past few years the development of very fast, portals emerge one by one, hundreds of vertical sites thousands of Bengchu, each enterprise has established its own corporate website, directly led to the demand for web designers increased greatly, with the other " excited " is that any website revision It is very frequent. Therefore, web designers. Your work is never done. The whole future than the plane design interior design should be large, reflected in the preliminary treatment, the city I first introduced it, I know the average wage in Shenzhen between 3000-4000. Bad, just graduated in 1800-2500. Special cattle more than 10000 also have it, you can always listen to the door who, who listed company financing, most of us in the Internet industry enterprises. Shows that the industry is now very hot and high-speed development. Anyone who reduces the identity of web designers and detractors of web design must be ignorant.

some people think, "web design is actually very simple, learn a few basic software, PHOTOSHOP, DREAMWEAVER, FRONTPAGE and so on, a little art foundation on it.". You may need to learn something about the internet. But web design talent is prevalent and do a "reward" is not high, it is farting, is now in the fierce competition environment, with the development of various technologies, quality requirements more and more high web designers, such as div+css will ultimately master, many norms must grasp, relative practitioners treatment more and more high, "a lot of people can do, but really is the kind of professional, everyone can do? Do not know few people here outfit niubable. Any knowledge would like to master is not simple, I hope all your colleagues to take good control of their own.

web designers easy to start, have the ability to do the webmaster, their own operations, websites to operate. I found that the real understanding of the web, or our web technical staff, because we face it every day. Many people work for a few years to join the webmaster army, ha ha, and also can own orders. The design level of high price is relatively high, to do business station than is designed. The program is very mature, enterprise station that function; also, now any recruitment website now one of the most popular recruitment must have the position of web design. So we can see the heat of this industry. At home, nearly 500 thousand people, more than 90% of webmaster, web design or WEB program

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