To be a station is to be a man

As the saying goes,

Like attracts like. out on Birds of a feather flock together., the scope of activities and the circle of life. Do stand is the same, whether you do content acquisition, classification of information, do local portal, do business, you must have similar websites webmaster familiar with the website, SEO, is nothing more than the selected keywords, and dissolved in the content of a website, and then do a lot of the high quality of the chain and reasonable in chain, then as far as possible to maintain the daily updates to the activation engine for your attention and focus in life, make friends. Love is to choose one person (not necessarily specific, ha ha ~) to make friends from all walks of life, and on the pillar of the state, heresy to a government, next to the marketplace biesan and keep in touch with greetings often, for a long time, more familiar, are getting along better. Eventually there will be afraid of a cat, the cat is afraid of dogs, dogs are afraid of the lion, the lion is afraid of elephants, elephants and mice out of fear of ecological chain, encounter any problems, just find it superior nemesis, general can solve the problem, as in life often, someone black and white two to take a phone call, everything OK!

if we use this kind of thinking in our website, our website must be evergreen station too. Is applied to the site, the weights of the high site will bring you some weight, low weight website may bring you some IP, if one day, your weight and IP have, you are a "stream" website. In life, you’re a figure.

summed up, do website promotion is:

1, the election of the industry, the election of the keyword (to friends) the most important

2, lateral development, widening and strengthening (making more friends) are more important

3, it’s important to enrich your website (preferably original) (keeping in touch and greeting)

4, after the stability, and then gradually increase other related keywords, and repeat 1, 2, 3 (friends know friends) important

5, wait for harvest. You mean heavy,


above is only personal do station sentiment, if there is objection, right when fart, because it does not affect my website management.

Note: No, no

to do everything, sword in hand, heart has no sword…… Reference to the station is "the highest realm of SEO is not to SEO!"

message: find on your site profit model, dozens of IP every day than you every day tens of thousands of IP high income. If you think this has any value, can be reproduced, but please keep my links: Wuxi computer repair network because you are my friend, should keep in touch, you say it


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