Website marketing program case analysis of wonderful scheme two

Hello! At noon today wrote a "web promotion program: wonderful program display case (a)" now take some time out to write second articles, write down the following site wide marketing plan! This is still in the telecom portal to analyze! Because for a long time in this position, it is quite familiar with at the same time, the site has a very good reputation, the reputation is very good! So it is very easy to marketing, some marketing programs here to talk about the next will continue to launch other programs.

website marketing scheme is every webmaster must understand, of course for little traffic, also not only added to the reputation of the website advertising the way to make money, but if for a local portal site on the 30000 IP, is a must have their website marketing plan, here to talk about my understanding of several website marketing plan.

1, many webmaster is set in a variety of websites many place advertising, pictures, text, text and so on, throughout every corner of the site, 30000 people visit the site, you can consider his website advertising fees or, even I do not believe the one page advertising actually price is 2000 yuan a day, telecommunications portal so cattle? So I think at that time, a front page head 800*90 pixel advertising position to 2000 yuan a day, what? This is obviously the price ah! When I have started with administrator privileges add a bottom in home "8 words" advertising, before I and a business better, help him free to put for a long time, the result? He said his mobile phone ringing off the hook, let me change her mobile phone number Landline number! But he also according to advertising prices hit a 20 percent off cooperation for a long time! So, no way, the portal flow is really large, almost became the local people every day must see the portal


2, released more information is actually hot! Release information is not free, then the local portal general life based information! Who can send information, as long as not illegal information will be sent, you only need to have a mobile phone to send his mobile phone communication, telecommunication fee system, each message charges 1 yuan, 1 minutes at least 20 pieces of information, you can earn much money to single this business portal website every day! It is hard to imagine! Only this one review published information also need 10 people to share the


3, there is a member, I understand that the members have general members and senior members, members receive an annual fee, it is of course different members have different permissions, such as the release of what kind of information? How much? In what position? Would you recommend? Whether bold information and so on. The difference! Join the 1 year minimum membership also needs 10 thousand yuan or more, so if a member of the site more, return inside very much, everyone can imagine the profit level of


4, organize events from time to time

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